Think, Think, Think….

I pitched my idea plan to my class, which was a success. A lot of people liked the idea, saying that has a lot of promise, with great potential for various gags and jokes. But there are a few improvements that the class picked up on, that I am going to need to think about.

One of the comments were about my characters, although they’re really good looking characters, they both look exactly the same despite having different coloured gloves. To fix this I decided that Red will have a Red ski mask, and be quite well built, where as Blu will have a Blue ski mask and be a lot skinnier and smaller than Red. Something similar to Laurel and Hardy, who both have different character traits that people can recognise them by.

Image result for laurel and hardy

Laurel & Hardy in Cobh – Cobh Cobh. 2017. Laurel & Hardy in Cobh – Cobh Cobh. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 January 2017].

The other comment was that my story was really fleshed out like it should’ve been. What they meant was that although I had the overall idea, I don’t consider on what will happen and when. So to fix I’ve been spending today just brain storming what will happen during animation, obviously I had the beginning, but I had no idea what the obstacle is and how they would get to the objective. I like the thought off one of y characters having to lower the other one to get the diamond, something similar to the first Mission: Impossible movie, it’ll be a nice gag in itself as well as reference to it.

Image result for mission impossible

Mental Floss UK. 2017. 16 Feasible Facts About the ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movies | Mental Floss UK. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 16 January 2017].

But these are just ideas at the moment. I’m going to have to have a word with Andy and my tutors about my story ideas see if they can help me.


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