A new look

So if you’ve been following my blog recently you know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble coming up with, and deciding on a solid overall plot to what will happen in my next animation.

To fix this I went and had a word with Debra and Andy, to see whether or not they could help me with deciding which story elements were the best. And after some discussion we came up with, what I strongly believe to be a solid story plan. The robbers will enter through an air vent like normal, but as they enter they must pass a laser grid and try and snag the diamond, that is protected by a guard dog, with a fishing rod. But unfortunately they accidentally set of the alarm as well as the dog, and so they need to work together to get out of there with the Diamond.

With this idea I have a lot of opportunities to create suspense as well as tension within the first half of the animation, and then pick it up in the second when they’re being chased.


Plus as a side note I’ve re-designed my two bank robbers, so that the two of them looked different from one another, as well as give them names and traits. Although in the image above I didn’t update they’re traits as I’ve switched Teddy from being the smart and clever one to being the short tempered but creative one, and Patrick the smart and calm one. Something similar to Spike and Whitey from Flushed Away

Image result for flushed away spike and whitey

Flushed Away Wiki. 2017. Image – Whitey and Spike Promo.jpg | Flushed Away Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://flushedaway.wikia.com/wiki/File:Whitey_and_Spike_Promo.jpg. [Accessed 19 January 2017]

Also I did a little sketch of Daenerys from Game of Thrones in a Disney style whilst I was watching GoT. You’re welcome.


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