How High?

So today I spent my time in the dark depths of Maya, trying to make a dynamic jump. This was part of one of Debra’s little task/challenges that was optional for people to do, and because I want to improve my skills as a 3D animator, as well as an animator in itself, I though “Hey how hard could it be?”… A bit actually. It’s the first I’ve tried blocking in 3D , which is basically posing your character in different dynamic positions of them doing something, and not to say that it’s been difficult to do so far, it’s a bit difficult to get the poses right when you’re not doing it from a 2D perspective.

I found the sketch tool to be quite handy because I can draw out the hip positions for the jump, and then I could move the character behind the drawing.

At the moment the jump looks very rough, but over the next couple days, when I have time, I’ll spend some time tidying it up and making it look good.


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