During today’s lecture with tasked with looking at each other’s progression through the project through our blogs and work. Here’s what people had to say about my blog, as well as my thoughts on the comments.


Nathan Scofield

Jegors Fjordorovs

Max Jacobs

1- How is my work so far? i.e do you get where its heading from what i’ve done so far? Does it meet my pitch? (see my blog for pitch)

Nathan: I understand your idea and it’s clear from your blog what direction you’re heading with it. Nice simplistic character designs.

Max: Looking good so far, it definitely follows the brief and meets the pitch, there are some minor plot holes I have questions about, but I guess the project is just in that early stage where you just have to wait and see.

Jegor: Good-good, got a lot of stuff to show, can definitely tell that you’re progressing. Research, designs and ideas are on the spot!!!

From what it looks like, my blog is demonstrating what my idea is and how I’m progressing very clearly, which is great. Plus everyone like my character designs which is nice.”
2- Any suggestions you can make for improving my work or workflow? Try and be as specific as possible please.

Nathan: Storyboard could be more clear and structured but you get the jist of what you mean. I think the slap stick comedy will fit in great, look at some leslie Nielsen spy movies, they’ll suit what you’re doing much better in terms of slapstick.

Max: Maybe include a 2d design of a dog, and maybe a floor plan of the building so that we, as an audience, have an idea of how big the whole facility is and maybe relate to the characters in a way.

Jegor: Might do a storyboard and a script

“From the feedback it looks like my blog is lacking a few things from it. Firstly a proper storyboard, this is something that I’ve been wanting to do so the audience fully understands the story, but I’ve been focused on other area of the project to finish it off. I need to find a balance. Secondly the mention of putting a few slapstick examples that I will play with in my animation as a use of research. Fourthly the mention of making a script I’m also a bit decisive on, seen as they’ll be little dialogue in the animation, there isn’t any necessary need for a script, although after I’ve done the storyboard I may need at least a guideline of what the characters are thinking and feeling. And lastly the mention some designs of the dog, although the dog I’m not really designing the dog and instead using a pre-rig I can at least put a post about what rig I’ll use as well as where the dog will be positioned.”
3- Looking at all of the blog posts for this project what are your thoughts on how I am documenting this so far? Is it clear what I am attempting, why I am attempting that? Is it clear what I think about these attempts?

Nathan: it’s nice and clear, maybe add some style design research but I think what you’ve got is good.

Max: The blog posts are very detailed and I think you’ve documented your process well enough.

Jegor: Well documented

“The feedback was very useful, I’ve got a clear idea of what I’m doing well in my project as well as what I need to improve on. With the suggestions that I’ve been giving I will most definitely make an effort to complete them.”


2 thoughts on “Mid-Thoughts

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  1. love the ambition of no dialogue. Body language having to show the hierarchy is a really good idea. Like the ambition of the own rig and you doing optional tasks. What I didn’t get is whether you are on track or not. Also think you can lose the dog. Do you really need it? No script (you could do a beat script, look it up) so couldn’t really tell dog’s importance


    1. Thanks. The dog will be the obstacle that the robbers will have to get past, eventually the dog will be woken by the robbers and the two will have to escape whilst the dog chases them. I’ll look it up and see.


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