I’m stressing out a bit, not a lot, but a bit. I’m kind of worried that I may not get this project in on time due to the fact that I’m still in my modelling phase, where I should of been in the animating phase. Although this is the case, I’m not completely worried as, this is the first time I’ve fully modelled and rigged a character from scratch, I’ll just have to see where it goes.

At the moment I’ve nearly complete Ted, although I’m issues with creating the hand. I’m going to have a word with Andy tomorrow to see if he can help me.


I’ve also made some more progress on the room. I’ve made the room bigger so my characters will have more space to move around in. Plus I’ve added the stand and diamond. It’s looking pretty good.


I’ve also done a quick test render. It looks good so far, although I think I need to mess with the lighting a bit. Plus to get that transparent, glowey effect for the beams, I’m going to render the beans in mental ray after I’ve fully rendered the animation. That way when it comes to editing I can put the mental ray render on top of the Arnold render.


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