Evaluation – Dialogue, Action, Interaction – Heist Away

To evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece that demonstrates two characters interacting with one another to overcome an obstacle and achieve a common goal.

As a second attempt of animating full 3D characters, I have manage to give my two robbers character. Adapting my style to the 3D characters, as well as creating the characters from scratch, has really complimented the style of my animation, as well as making it easier to animate them. Plus the characters have quite a bouncy style to their movement which is a great bonus.

Although these are good points there are some drawbacks to this project. The main point I will address, is that my Project Management was not on point. At the beginning of this project, I had a laid out plan to use pre-rigged characters, but after much thought and conversations with tutors and peers, I decided to make my own characters, which took up most of the time, which was roughly 5 weeks. Which meant that I had less time to animating and ended up sacrificing the original ending of my animation, as well as not giving me enough time to tidy up some of the movement and gestures that the characters make, that could use with some improvement.

Overall I am pleased with the end product and I have been complimented by Tutors, Peers, Family and Friends that it’s a very good piece of animation. If I had the chance to so this time, as well as improvements for next time, I will make sure plan every approach and execution throughout the project. For example, setting deadlines for certain stages of the project, e.g. Writing Scripts, Modelling, Lighting, Animating, Idea Generation, etc…


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