Semi After Effects Pro right here…

So with the deadline on Friday and with Team Barley Qualified (best team name ever!!!) working hard on animating. I thought I just put up a quick blog post about how I find animating in After Effects and where I’m at.

As I mentioned getting back into to after effects was tricky but over time I managed get back into the swing of things. I can say now that I’m confident with the program itself, although I may not know it completely, I’m can animate a character in after effects using the right procedures.

We are now in our editing stages, we’ve all fully animated our scenes I’m now currently editing all together. Unfortunately I ran into a problem of having some of my test renders not having all the music and sound effects that I included. This was because I was mostly working off of my memory stick which couldn’t handle rendering all of the audio feeds that I had, so when it exported some of the audio clips were missing. To solve this I just shifted everything to C drive on the PC and just redirected all the audio files so that they will work in the render.

Hopefully with a few more edits will be done but only time will tell


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