1 last project

New project!!! So before I can click my shoes like a beautiful ballerina and enjoy the British summer, I’ve got one last project to do before I finish 2nd year.

Our project is called “Promo Kit” where we are to write an essay on promoting an animated feature and what methods would we take and why. This is quite a useful project because we can tie it in to our 3rd year animation, by talking about how we would promote our 3rd year projects to our audience.


So far I’ve done a bit of research into looking at the best example of advertising in movies as well as looking at “5 reasons to why Gravity Falls (one of the inspirations for my animation) is great”.

The Hollywood Reporter. 2017. 10 Best Marketing Campaigns for Movies & TV Shows of 2016 | Hollywood Reporter. [ONLINE] Available at: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/lists/10-best-marketing-campaigns-movies-939307. [Accessed 05 June 2017].
If the name isn’t obvious, this website talks about the best examples of marketing from a variety of movies like Deadpool or The Jungle Book. It’s very helpful website, I can discuss some of the techniques which some of these films used and possibly apply it to my marketing approach.

Geek and Sundry. 2017. Five Reasons Gravity Falls Is The Best Thing Ever | Geek and Sundry. [ONLINE] Available at: http://geekandsundry.com/five-reasons-to-why-gravity-falls-is-great/. [Accessed 05 June 2017].
Within this post the writer discusses about what the made the show so popular and why it succeeded. This isn’t a good example about marketing, but it’s good example when talking about target audiences. One of the things that made this show so successful was because of it’s characters and how some of the themes it explored, from sibling conflicts, to first crushes, or even obsession, and it appealed to a lot audiences despite the age of the viewer. Something that I will discuss and talk about within the essay.

It’s only a bit of research but I’m pursuing more websites and looking at different examples in marketing and appealing target audiences so I will have plenty to talk about with the submission.



My next objective is to continue with research, maybe look at some of the links that Jemma has provided. I also want to to somewhat start the essay by thinking about the structure of the essay e.g. what each paragraph will talk about and how many words I’ll cap myself with. As well as I’ll definitely create a concept of the poster that I need to do.



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