Back to the drawing board… Kind of – Thesis Film – Concept/World Building/Shay Modelling

I had a discussion the other day with my tutor Andy, regarding my post from Monday (Let me Inspire you – Thesis Film – Inspiration Research) and it’s connection to the style of the characters I’ve created (Gimme a Hand – Thesis Film – Modelling Shay/Kodi. Finished Concept.).

Within in my last post I talked about what my influences were in the terms of what of characters style and the lighting I wanted to achieve. And Andy brought up how the characters I made, had no connection to my influences, which was “a shame” because he thought that the influences that I used were really good. He then moved onto understanding the world I was trying to build asking me When is it? Where is it? How does it relate to your characters objective? etc… Which I really couldn’t answer because I didn’t really build up the world fully. I knew that the area that my characters grew up in was to be in the countryside, but besides that I haven’t done much.

After some awkward realisation silences, Andy told me to do some world building as well as to re-style my characters, not to change them, but so that they look like they’re taking influence from my inspirations.

List of ideas for the World

So I started with the world building and I began to look into some of the popular era’s of the world from western to eastern culture, and I got pretty fixed on the middle ages as I felt it was best suited for Fantasy element I wanted for the world, but it was something that was done a million times before, and so I kind of wanted to push it into the future a little bit, a time just before the industrial era, and perfect era was the renascence, I won’t dive too much into it but I’ll say I like the idea of having magic and the science of the time influence the early stages of the industrial era, plus I do like some of fashion of the time period, also some country landscape and villages are good references for building the boys Home. Andy also gave me a suggestion of maybe looking into Greek mythology to relate it to the “Hero” aspect of my film, which is a good area I could explore, like for example I could have Greek myths carved into some of the walls of the temple.


My attempt of drawing some of Noelle Stevenson’s Art

Looking towards redesigning my characters, I first needed to have a go replicating the style. I started by drawing some of the art that Noelle had already done.

Trying to replicate the style with different characters

After this I then began to draw characters from some of my favourite characters from Anime’s and Shows in her style. I even did a drawing of me.

Re-Designing Shay and Kodi

Once I was comfortable with drawing her style I then began to apply the style to my two characters.

Re-Designing Shay and Kodi

So far so good I’m not 100% happy with the look of Kodi, as I’m trying to replicate his clothes to the two era’s that influenced my world, as well as change his hairstyle, though I might just got back to a buzz-cut. As for Shay I’m more pleased, I’ve given him a new haircut as well as bulked him down, he still has the same clothes, but that’s not much of an issue. I’m continue the re-designs until I’m satisfied. Which will hopefully be done before the Pitch on Friday.


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