Cheating the smart way :) – Thesis Film – Character Modelling Shay and Kodi


Finally got the base model for both Shay and Kodi done. I’m quite glad with how it came out, all the edges and vertexs run smoothly along the body and there’s no creases in the model when smoothed. Now that I have this I can use the base model and copy it for modelling Kodi and because I have the base model I just need to add the details and features, which I have started with Shay already, adding the boot line, belt and brace.



Pointy Trees – Thesis Film – Modelling Environments

Seen as I’m totally one with nature, I have created all these trees to take over Maya and take back the earth from the electronic savages, polluting the planet… I think this project has made me insane…

I’m a lot happier with the new style of the trees. They have a lot more character to them, and they’re not as clumped together as they were before. Although I have duplicated the trees in the scene to fill the space I Think I’ll only have a couple of rows of tree with a 2D plain with an image behind so I can save time when it comes to rendering, because if I have the amount of trees I already have in the space now then rendering will take forever. The same goes with the last scene in the film.

Also I used the new colour palette I created in Adobe Color and applied it the trees and environment, which looks a lot better than it did.

Tree Colour Pallette


Animanderuun – Thesis Film – Animatic Version 01

So here is the first Animatic of my thesis film that I’ve been working on this year. Currently it has no sound, but it demonstrates what will happen in the film. I’m quite pleased that the film isn’t as long as I thought, and I have room to extend some of the scenes for expressions and pauses. But overall it’s good.

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