Wobadabaloopymadaflip – Thesis Film – Animating, Cutting down


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I’ve completed the animating for the grand hall successfully.

I’m quite pleased with the way that all shots flow and fit together so smoothly with little edit, as well as making sense. The movement of both characters are great, a few tiny mechanic movements, but overall good. I’m especially impressed with some of the movements during the end tale of the section where they’re making their escape. Whilst I was setting up the keys for the run cycle, Debra mentioned a process called “Post Infinity” where you use the Graph Editor to set (in my example) your cycle to keep repeating itself without setting any extra frames, then using the translate of the direction you want the character to move in, set it to infinite where it will repeat forever.


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Though I am pleased with how it looks and all, I unfortunately had to make some cuts to some of the shots to save time. This is unfortunate because there were a lot of areas that would have made for some good pieces for my portfolio and show-reel, for example (in the images at the top of the post) when Kodi falls on the ground after Shay saves him from falling into lava, instead of having fall to the round and then get up, I’ve had to cut to when he’s already landed, which is shame really because there was a lot of opportunity to exaggerate and push the poses for when he landed, but I just ended up wasting time that I needed to complete the other shots.

I’m overall pleased with what I have, and now that I have this done I can focus and wait on the shots that my first and second years are doing. I’ve already got one back which I’m tidying up, and I’ve given a deadline of Wednesday to get most of what they can done.


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