Evaluation Production – Thesis Film

After the completion of this term, I can confidently say that I have successfully undertook the production period of my thesis film. I have my film completed and playblasted from start to finish, with a few areas that require touch ups as well as that the sound and Voice acting is all gathered and added to the film.

I believe my strengths with this period was my collaboration with my helpers for this film. I pitched my film quite well enough to gain some interest, and I dished out roles to most of the people that signed up on my list. When that was sorted I made sure to make regular checks and feedback to the work that they did for me and gave them achievable deadlines that they all met. I’ve even discussing to out-sourced music creator by the name of Jeffrey Wang, who has agreed to help me with producing music for my film once I have the playplasted film. Though it proved to be helpful getting assistance for others, I could have done a better job with delivery of the blocked scenes I had done for my animation helpers, the file management was fine and everything was intact. It’s just that I should divided the scenes I gave them into shots rather than whole scenes, as lead to complications that they needed to fix first before started the inbeteweening of the movements and lead to some of them being late with giving them back. Also, I shouldn’t have moved the Top controller when I was blocking scenes, as that was one of the complications the helpers had deal with first.

I also believe strength of mine came in some of the animation I produced. A lot of the scenes that I done came out well, most notably the jump at the beginning, Kodi near fall into the Lava, which I used video references for both and the section where the temple begins to collapse. Though some shots weren’t as good as others, where the movement wasn’t fluid and looked janky and robotic, which some required/still requires touch ups to make it look better. There were even some shots that I had to cut down because of the pose and movement were taking too much time to fix, for example Kodi’s landing after Shay saved him from falling into lava, which is a shame because I could of achieve some nice movement from it.

Though the focus was to get the film animated and playblasted, I wish I had more time to spend on setting up the lights for the scenes before the Easter break, or at least most of it. I have achieved that with one or two areas, but I still must sort out the Grand Hall when the Lava pit is opened, as well as the Entrance, which I’ll have to sort out during my Easter Break if I want to stay on track when the last term comes about.

Overall, I’m pleased with where I am and the progress I’ve made. If I was to do this period again I would make sure to divide my scenes into shots to make easier for helpers as well as take some time to get more of the lighting nailed down. And I would take more referencing videos to help me with some of the more complicated movements in the film.


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