It’s so beautiful – Thesis Film – Lighting, Touching up, Finished title.

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Been working on the lighting for my environments. Lighting has never been my strongest skill, as proven in past projects, but I think this is some of the best lighting I’ve done to date.

I’ve been lucky to be given a lot of advice in my direction of lighting from both Andy and Rob, and it has paid of well. I mean look at some of the lava scenes… they look sexy as fudge.

Three Point Lighting. 2018. Three Point Lighting. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 17 April 2018].
A very helpful lesson I’ve been taught recently, that has been a huge help with some of the lighting for my scenes, was the Three Point Lighting Technique. A basic lighting technique, it helps bring characters out of the environments, instead of them fading in with the already set up lighting for the environment.

Titles for James2
Finished title by Max Jacobs

Also Max have finished the creation of my title. He’s a done an excellent job, 10 times better then what I could’ve done.



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