Animation Done, it’s evaluating time


After finishing the animation, I can confidently say that I have to created a 1 minute animation that follows the briefs specifications.

The animation is smooth and flows well without jittering or jumping. The character looks good and fits well with the animations style. The story works well and comes across clearly to the audience.

The programs that were presented their own challenges. Like with after effects the puppet tool would either stretch, squash or glitch out whenever I’d use it, which put me off from using it that much in the animation. Or when I was using Adobe Audition I couldn’t figure out to get rid of pops and clicks without a video tutorial to help me.

I also had a little trouble with generating the idea because I kept limiting the creativity of the idea due to the fact it was for an MRI scan, but eventually, with a little help from Stellios I manage to create a story as well as a script to go with the animation.

The animation could use with some movement within the animation to make it look more appealing to look at, maybe have Tim move his arms and legs when he talks, or point to the characters when he tells the story. The audio still has some pops and clicks in the voice recording, that can be noticed at high volume, I should of used a muffler on the recording device or maybe even edited the sound a bit more to get a better result.

Overall I’m very pleased with the end result, and should I do it again I will make sure to put some time into improving the movement of my character. Make sure to record with a muffler to help prevent clicks and pops in the audio. Not to limit my ideas for the project, but instead maybe create a wacky¬†story and add an MRI scan in it.


Editing that takes foooooooooorever

Today I manage to get everything I needed to get done, sorted.



With the audio recording that I had recorded there were a lot of pops and clicks that needed to get removed before I began to edit. To do this was simple I just had to locate where the Pops and clicks were and use the Auto Heal tool.


I manage to make some last minute edits to the animation. Most noteably the flashing light on Tim’s suit that will appear in the animation, that was made in Photoshop then just whacked into After Effects and positioned in the right place of the timeline.


Last but certainly not least was the editing. It was pretty simple to start off with until I realised that not all of my frames match up with the audio which in which I predicted. So I had to go through the whole animation and cut and extend any frames/scenes that weren’t matching. After this I added a few sound effects and some background noise.

I won’t submit yet because I want to get some feedback on it first to see if there’s anything could add, but I will definitely be able to submit by tomorrow ūüôā

Almost done

Animating is Done:

On Monday I managed to get all the animating done, which is surprising because I would of thought it would take me till Thursday to do. I think this is because of the fact that the character doesn’t do much a lot of movement within the animation, he just floats and moves his eyes about to show his emotions.

Using after effects was a bit of a challenge seen as I’ve never used it before. The puppet tool was very irritating to use, especially for my character because every time I would move one of his limbs some other part of his body would either move, resize, or glitch out.

I used the voice recording I did last Thursday, as a template of how the character would express emotion, as well as a timeline of what will happen at what time/stage of the animation.

Plus I manage to cut down the animation by shortening the story in which Tim tells the audience, which helps because it will cut down on the long voice recordings I have.

Now that the animating is done I can now move onto the editing stuff and combine the voice recording as well as sound effects to the animation.

I hope to get the editing done by tomorrow and once that’s done and submit I could either animate add improvements to my animation before the deadline, or just leave it.

Professional Voice acting specialist right here…

Today not only did I manage to start and finish my script, I also got my Voice Audio done as well, hooray for progress.

Whilst writing scripts I realized that the story that I had originally intended on doing wasn’t as strong as well as long enough than I thought it out to be. But after talking to our lecturer Stelios Polychronakis, he recommended that instead of ¬†random objects and animals appearing, why not have the character tell the audience a story, leave it half complete and let them finish the story in their minds whilst they’re having scan. After he told me this idea I instantaneously got to writing the script with the new ending.

A few spelling mistakes and grammar errors later, I was happy with the script and went straight to recording. My friend Max had already booked out a recording booth to record audio as well, so I just joined him and we helped one another out with recording.¬†After a couple of takes of Max’s script and about 20+ takes with my script we were done. The process was fun, ¬†and we could to mess around with a few of the different settings that were on¬†Logic Pro.

My next step will be to finally start animating, and get done either before or on Thursday next week.

Composing Scripts

Rough Script:

  • Scene opens in space
  • A faint ‘Hello’ can be heard from a distance
  • Tim floats from the right greeting the audience
  • “Hey my name is Tim, I’m an astronaut that floats in space”
  • Tim talks to the audience about the MRI scan, “Right now you’re having an MRI scan, it’s a process where the doctors are taking a picture of your brain. How cool is that”
  • Eventually Tim tries to get audience to keep still and get them to think of something else. “Right keep still and try and think of something else, I KNOW, a giraffe, think about giraffes”
  • After this an image of a giraffe is made out of stars, which amazes Tim, “WOW, how did you do that”
  • Various objects and animals then appear around Tim
  • After the light show Tim bids the audience farewell and exits left.


Its. In. Spaaaaaace.

After doing a terrible job of pitching my idea to Andy and the class on Tuesday, I decided to abandon my previous ideas and come up with a new idea for animation one which Andy and the class agreed was better. The idea will star an astronaut floating in space, or something that will resemble space, who will talk to the patient (audience) whilst they’re having their MRI scan.

Tim Concept Art

Concept Art for the character that I created for my new idea for Project 4.

I’m going to have the character aged around 9-10, a bit older to what the Target Audience is (6-8 year olds) so the character can relate and connect with the audience. He’s going to have a big and small body so the children can understand that Tim is kid like them.

Tim’s body shape will resemble some of the characters from the Peanuts group

List of Peanuts characters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. 2016. List of Peanuts characters – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 January 2016].

Tim will also have some resemblance to some of the characters you may find in the game ‘Scribblenuats’ ¬†

Boy – Scribblenauts Wiki – Wikia. 2016. Boy – Scribblenauts Wiki – Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 21 January 2016].

Tim suit will be similar to the ones that the characters in the game ‘Kerbal Space Program’¬†

As for the matter of what colour Tim’s outfit will be, I decided to go with bright colours after reading from a website about how children are mostly attracted to bright colours ¬†(Colour of Childhood Website). Not sure what colours to go with yet but that decision will be made soon once I start animating.

Character performance

I was doing some research into how some popular characters within children cartoons act.

Dora The Explorer Full Episodes – Cartoons Movie For Disney Children-Kids Lenght Fillms Full 2015 – YouTube. 2016. Dora The Explorer Full Episodes – Cartoons Movie For Disney Children-Kids Lenght Fillms Full 2015 – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2016].

A relatable character for my first idea (which is a character called Matt that talks to the audience) is Dora. The reason for this is that the Dora tends to turn to the audience quite frequently throughout the episode. Which is what I want my character Matt to be like, but instead of talking to other characters (with the small exception of one) he will talk the audience.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything – Animation Sequence – YouTube. 2016. A Fantastic Fear of Everything – Animation Sequence – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 18 January 2016].

I also found this short animation clip from the film ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’. I put this in the blog because it relates to my 2nd idea a little bit, with the whole animation only having the narrator talking and that the beginning, the hedgehog is nervous and afraid which what I want the character to be. This is only relatable by a small fraction because in my short I want the narrator and character to have a relationship between the two of them, for example the character looks up to the narrator.

Can YOU sit still?

New year, new project.

We received our 4th project of the 1st year this week. Our task is to create a 1 minute animation that will help 6 to 8 year olds, understand why they should sit still during an MRI scan.

Video to help kids prepare for an MRI scan – YouTube. 2016. Video to help kids prepare for an MRI scan – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].

MRI Scanning for Kids! – YouTube. 2016. MRI Scanning for Kids! – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].

I’m having an MRI scan – YouTube. 2016. I’m having an MRI scan – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].

The first couple of videos are just informal videos telling the viewer how an MRI scan works (in kids terminology) and steps they would have to take. The videos give me some information about MRI which I believe is enough for my audience but I may research more into MRI’s. Plus the videos narrator’s all had upbeat, clear, friendly voices within them, which is something that I will apply to my character(s) whenever he/she/they talks.

Atomic Betty. 2016. Atomic Betty. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].

¬†My character will have some resemblance to the character from Atomic Betty, ‘Sparky’. Mostly because my character will have will have spiky hair similar to him.

Children Cartoon Characters Pictures – ClipArt Best. 2016. Children Cartoon Characters Pictures – ClipArt Best. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 14 January 2016].

My character features will him/her having a huge head with short arms and legs, similar to ¬†‘Dora’ from Dora the Explorer.

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