2015 vs 2018

So myself, Jegor and Max did another challenge between ourselves. The challenge was to draw something that we did ages ago, and I chose to do the Elizabeth drawing that I did in my first year. I’m quite pleased with the turn out, I can definitely see the progression I’ve made over the past 3 years.


Naruto Challenge – Drawing Challenges


Entries from Left to Right: Max – Kakashi/Jegor – Sakura/Me – Naruto

Myself, Jegor and Max did our first drawing challenge of the Third Year. Our challenge was draw our Original Characters, Cosplaying/Dressing up as characters from Naruto.


“Isn’t he cute”

Max WTWTA Chibi

Couple of weeks ago myself and a couple of my peers and our tutor did a challenge where we had to take a character from the book ‘Where the Wild Things are’ and apply a different style to them. I chose the main character Max and drew him in a Chibi style.

Other participants:




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