Critical Manga Evaluation

After completing the Critical Manga Comic about my chosen animators, I can confidently say that I’ll just scraped a pass on the grading criteria. I say this mostly because in my approach towards this assignment I mostly prioritised the written part of this essay, instead of balancing both written and layout processes.

The layout is very weak and acts more of a informational leaflet, with a few cartoon strips within them. The attempt of drawing in the Fleischer’s style was average, I should of practice more drawing in their style in order the capture it a little better, and there’s a lot of empty space with in the pages that have opportunities for more drawings.

As for the writing, provided  a lot of information about the Fleischer’s rise and demise in the animation industry, as well as mentioning their contribution towards the industry. Although I did exceed the word limit of 800 words to around 850-900, which if this project was strict on the word limit could cost me a low mark.

Overall I’m slightly pleased with the final product, but if I’m to do it again I will most definitely do things differently. First I will make sure to document my research on my blog. That I don’t start producing it so late, after it was given to me months ago. That I actually plan out how I’m going to present the work as a COMIC and not just whack everything into Photoshop and hope for the best. And that I practice the style of my chosen animator by drawing their characters consistently.

Fleischer Comic


The gang’s all here

My attempts of drawing within the Fleischer brothers style, that’ll appear in the comic

KoKo the clown
KoKo the Clown 
Max and Dave Fleischer
Max and Dave Fleischer 

I also attempted of drawing Max and Dave in their style

Betty Boop
Betty Boop 


Laying it out

Here’s some incomplete layouts that I produced today


I plan to add some drawings of Fleischer characters around the sides of the frontpage


By the speech bubbles I’ll have Betty Boop and Bimbo by one of them.

I may change the grey background of the layout, because it looks a bit boring, I’ll try go for a brighter colour or something, maybe even a gradient.

Planning and stuff…

I’ve finally got all the text for my comic written out, although I have exceeded the word limit, I’ll try and edit some of text when it comes to laying it all out.

Now that, the text is done I can begin creating the layout of the comic. I’ve made some deigns of the layout which I will scan in at a later date. I’m thinking of doing all of the editing in Photoshop, although I may have to do some experiments first, we’ll have to see.

Progress and turntables

Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor COLOR – YouTube. 2016. Popeye Meets Sinbad the Sailor COLOR – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 January 2016].

Today I have manage to surprisingly get three-quarters of the way through the written part of the assignment. I’ve discussed about the Fleischer Brothers rise to success, as well popular characters and contribution to the animation industry, all that’s left to do is to talk about the fall of Fleischer studios as well as including some discussion about their visual style then that’s written part done.

Once the written part is done then I can then move on to the design of the comic/manga. I’ve got some ideas of what I want it look like and how it will be laid out, like for example may have a drawing/picture/image at the top that will relate with text at the bottom of the page. I’m not really sure at the moment I’m just going focus on getting the write done first then worry about the presentation.

The two videos are related to the setback camera that Max Fleischer created. If you watch the videos you can see where they have used a setback camera, like for example where Sinbad’s bird is trying to take flight you can tell that the background is on a turntable.

Popeye the Sailor – Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves (Full length video) – YouTube. 2016. Popeye the Sailor – Meets Ali Baba’s Forty Thieves (Full length video) – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 January 2016].

Talking about the Rotoscope

Fishing – YouTube. 2016. Fishing – YouTube. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 02 January 2016].

So today I began typing up the first paragraph to the Critical Manga project. In the paragraph I talked about Max Fleischer and the creation of the Rotoscope which lead to the foundation of ‘Inkwell Studios’.

I also did a bit of research into some Fleischer early animation with KoKo the Clown. I can definitely see the smoother movements that KoKo makes when he walks.

Project 1 C.M/C Research and typing

So after much needed break, I’m now trying to get back into the work mind set and concentrate on getting this essay/comic done.

What Essay/comic some of you might ask? An essay/comic that I may or may have not been putting off since the beginning of the course, kind of. This ‘assignment’ requires us to create a short 4 page, 800 word manga/comic talking the rise and demise of or chosen animator(s) from the early 1900’s (in my case Fleischer Studios) whilst talking about their visual style. A simple task but one I’m struggling with because I can’t find a way to start the damn thing.

With that a side I should probably stat putting up blog posts about research I’ve done, so far it’s all text research about the studios founders Max and Dave Fleischer, what they’ve done and what happened to them in the end.

I’ve seen a couple of their animations during class as well as my own spare time like the ‘Superman Series’ and some of the animations featuring Koko the clown and the gang, so I have some stuff to refer to in the write up.

I plan to dissect write up part to make it easier on my self. 4 paragraphs, 200 per paragraph, 1 paragraph per page.

Oh and before I forget MERRY (late) CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR

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