Promo Kit – Evaluation


To evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have discussed thoroughly about who my target audience is as well as how I would promote it to them correctly.

Looking at this project, my strengths were definitely within the writing aspects of the assignment. At the start of this project I was kind of lost a bit at what I should focus my writing on, but after doing the research for my target audience, it became a lot easier to write up, and when I got the audience down, looking into where to promote was just as easy to write.

As for my weaknesses, I can’t say there’s a lot to discuss seeing how this project was pretty straight forward and only 2 weeks long. Although I will mention that I probably should mention that poster isn’t to full completion. When I started the project I wanted to link it to my 3rd year project, but the problem was is that my idea wasn’t fully fleshed out, I kind of new what I wanted to implement, and what my target audience would be, but as for the plot I had no clue. This halted me from starting on the poster as well as the project because I didn’t fully know the idea at the time, and to be honest I’m still not 100% about it now.

Overall I’m pleased with how the project came out. Despite my comments I do like the poster and does well to portray what my 3rd year project might be about, depending if I go through with it. If I was to do this project again, I would need to think of the idea sooner so I’m not having to rush creating the poster, but instead take my time with it.

Marketing and Target Audience Research for my Animation


Team Live Briefs – Evaluation

To evaluate this project, I strongly believe that I have successfully worked in a team to create an animated piece for a client.

For my first time ever working for a client, it went well. I got to work with an incredible and devoted team, which we all pulled our weight, and got what we needed to get done by the deadlines that we set. If anything, this is probably the most organised that I’ve ever been, which I feel is mostly because other people were relying on me to do my part and I didn’t want to let them down. Something that I will need to apply to myself when I do my 3rd year project, but it gives me hopes for the future if I’m ever put in a group again. As for working for the clients, it was not what I was expecting. Unlike the other clients that our classmates were working for, ours were not as present. At the beginning where we did our pitch to them, they were very informative about what they wanted and were engaged with what ideas we had. But after the pitch they were pretty much none-existent, I’d send progress emails with links to our blogs so they can keep up-to-date with what we’re doing, as well as asking if there were any changes they would like to add or at the least a reply saying good job. But they never replied which was kind of irritating because we would be continuing working on the animation with constant fear of them replying last minute and asking us to change stuff, plus I feel like we weren’t getting the full client experience like the other groups were, with their clients giving them deadlines to send them updates on the work.

As for how I feel about my performance during the project, I would say I was a team player. Taking on the responsibility on animating the longest scene in the animation, as well doing the editing for the video by myself showed that I was committed to project. I also think that my animating skills have improved in after effects, I can confidently animate a character using the correct procedures, as well as work between After Effects and Photoshop with creating the assets for the scene. Although I might say I did well during this project I made the rookie mistake of working completely off a USB, although I did left copies of my progress on some PC’s, I still worked off it, which came around to bite me in the ass later when it came to rendering the video out, because when I did, some sound effects and background music were missing. And that was because when I was working off USB it didn’t have enough bandwidth to export all the different file formats to put in the render, which ended up with me having to copy all the files on to the PC and re-locate all the files so that they would work.

Overall I am pleased with the end results, as well as how well I worked within a team. If I had any suggestions towards how this project could be better. I would not work off a USB and would like to have had clients who were more active and engaged with what we were doing.


Toon Vs Actor Evaluation


To evaluate this project, I strongly believe that I have created a discussion between a Toon and a real-life character, and although I differed away from the original brief’s approach I stilled managed to discuss about different camera techniques and film language.

Looking at this project, my strengths definitely resided the characters design and script. The design of Tobias suits character, as a failing con artist, the colour scheme does well to bring out his personality. As for the script I’ve done well to establish the relationship between Tobias and James, as well as give myself plenty of opportunities to talk about the different camera shots I will use for the storyboard.

Although these good points there are few drawbacks to the project. My time management was an improvement to the previous project, getting all of the planning and idea generating done in the first week leaving all the practical stuff for the last week, but I was a bit slow in starting the rest of the project, leaving me with little time to polish up the storyboard and really think and discuss about which camera shots I would use and why? As well as even extended it to fit all the scenes from the script. I must work on it for further projects.

Overall I am pleased with the results and believe it was a successful attempt to the brief. If I were to do this again or something similar, I would like work more on my storyboard, as well as my discussion of camera techniques for the different shots.


Meeting Tobias


A bright flash. James opens his eyes to find himself in a strange place, very different to alleyway he was previously in.

James: “Where am I…?”

He looked around and scouted the area, tall trees that blocked out the sunlight, bushes that masked out the sound of creatures in the distance.

James: “How did I end up in a forest?”

He took another look around and notice there was something off about the trees, they looked different to ones back home. They had more colour to them and they almost looked flat, like they belonged in a cartoon or something. Suddenly James’s focus was distracted by a rustling in the bushes opposite him, getting wild and aggressive. He looked closer trying to make out what was making bushes move, but as it got more aggressive, he moved back, trying to prepare himself for whatever comes out. Then suddenly a tiny squirrel pokes it’s head out the bushes letting out a cute little squeak, before jumping out scurrying to the nearest tree. James gave out a sigh of relief, thinking it was stupid that he got worked up and scared of tiny squirrel. He chuckled as he composed himself before being interrupted.

Stranger: “Gee, you got scared by a tiny squirrel?”

James: “AAAAAAH!!!”

He jumps and crashes to ground, looking up at a tall dark figure, he couldn’t make out the stranger because of the sun that was glaring into his eyes.

Stranger: “You wouldn’t make it 1 day out here…”

James tensed up, prepping himself for any attack that the stranger could inflict.

Stranger: “It’s good thing that I found you then…”

The stranger moved in front of the sun to reveal a lively gentleman in a waist coat as he tipped his fedora to James.

Tobias: “The name’s Tobias… Inventor Extraordinaire and I have the perfect solution for you”

James picked himself up, dusting off his red flannel shirt, white t-shirt, black jeans and boots as he looked at Tobias. He wore a purple shirt with a grey waist coat, combined with orange trousers and a bowtie. He postures and gestures were all proper, like he was an entertainer for the royal variety, using his red sphered cane as an extension of his body. Which was weird considering his clothes were dirty with patches and tears all over, even his brown shoes looked worn out, he even wore pair of brown fingerless gloves to top it off. But James wasn’t bothered by it, in fact nothing concerned him, because he was too shocked at the fact that in front him was an actual real-life cartoon character.

Tobias: “Never get lost in the woods again with this state of the art NAVIGATOR!”

Tobias pulls out a painted rock that was tied to a bunch of sticks with the words ‘NAVFGATEOR’ on it, waving it in front of James trying to get his attention.

Tobias: “No…? Ah of course! You’re out here for adventure! Well an adventure wouldn’t be adventure without your own treasure map!”

He pulls out a piece of paper with the words ‘Treasure Map’ misspelled, with a bunch of different coloured scribbles with an ‘X’ in the middle.

Tobias: “Legend has it that within these woodlands there’s a secret, legendary treasure that was buried by the none other than Captain U.S.Less. During the Gold Age.”

James: “I… Er…”

Tobias: “Yeah you’re right it’s not really a map, I’m not really sure how I got this?”

Tobias throws away the map and starts rummaging through his bag pulling out a variety of ‘Gadgets’ and ‘Gizmos’ made of junk.

Tobias: “Here how about this cloak of invisibility or maybe this chalice of eternal youth, why not both for a low, low price…? Wow tough customer, you’re not like the other bozos from town… In fact, you look kind of different to the others in town, strange almost, are you new in town?”

James: “How… Wher…?”

Tobias: “Come on speak up”

James clears his throat.

James: “Where am I?”

Tobias: “You are new. Well, right now you’re in the middle of the Mystery Woods home to all things weird and wonderful in the town of H.O.W.T”

James: “Mystery Woods…? H.O.W.T…?”

Tobias: “Yes weren’t you paying attention… How rude”

James: “This must be a dream… This can’t be real… Man I shouldn’t have watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit before bed yesterday.”

Tobias: “What are you talking about? This ain’t no dream buddy, at least I hope not that’ll be such a cheap cop-out of an ending…”

James: “I’ve just got to wake up…”

Tobias: “Here!”

Tobias reaches over and slaps James across the face

James: “AH! What the hell was that for?”

Tobias: “Well you seemed pretty convinced that this was a dream, I wanted to see if you were right… guess you weren’t”

James: “Oh god… How is this possible… You’re animated, this whole world is animated!”

Tobias: “What are you talking about? What does animated mean? Is that an insult? Are you insulting me? How dare you!”

James: “Shut up! Just… let me think”

Tobias: “Wow you got issues”

Tobias steps back as James ponders to himself

James: “Right the last thing I remember, I was walking home from Uni and… I heard a noise coming from the alleyway… I went to go check it out and saw two guys messing with something. It looked like some sort of crystal of some kind…

Tobias jolts up at the word of crystal

Tobias: “Crystal…?

James: “Then there was this big, bright flash… And then I ended up here…?”

Tobias: “Did you mention a crystal? What did it look like?”

Tobias leaned in closer

James: “It was greenish, with some form of pattern all over it”

Tobias: “Hmmm…”

James: “Why do you know something about it? Could get me home?”

Tobias: “I’m not sure, but I remember a couple of weeks back the folks in town were going crazy because a crystal of the same description went missing.”

James: “How does that help me?”

Tobias: “Maybe somebody knows where the crystal went”

James: “I guess that’s a start”

Tobias: “Okay then let’s go”

Tobias begin to walk towards the exit of the forest with James following, before he stops abruptly.

James: “Wait why are you helping me? What’s in it for you?”

Tobias: “What do you mean? I’m just being a good Samaritan by helping a person in distress”

He stands tall with head held high

James: “Yeah I’m not buying it”

Tobias slouches

Tobias: “Huh?”

James: “No offense but you do a pretty rubbish job of hiding the fact you’re a con-man”

Tobias: (Surprised) “Wha… I… Er… Fine you got me. Most of this stuff is just made of crap I got from the junkyard”

James: (Sarcastically) “Wow I never would have guessed…”

Tobias: “Yeah whatever”

James: “So why are you helping me?”

Tobias: “Let’s just say if someone else didn’t pinch the crystal I would’ve instead”

James: (Sarcastic) “Shocking…”

James: “Anyway I don’t care, as long as I can home, you can have it”

The two head towards the exit of the forest heading to the town in search for answers.



“Man I shouldn’t have watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit before bed yesterday”

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988 [DVD] Robert Zemeckis, United States: Buena Vista Pictures.


Evaluation – Dialogue, Action, Interaction – Heist Away

To evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece that demonstrates two characters interacting with one another to overcome an obstacle and achieve a common goal.

As a second attempt of animating full 3D characters, I have manage to give my two robbers character. Adapting my style to the 3D characters, as well as creating the characters from scratch, has really complimented the style of my animation, as well as making it easier to animate them. Plus the characters have quite a bouncy style to their movement which is a great bonus.

Although these are good points there are some drawbacks to this project. The main point I will address, is that my Project Management was not on point. At the beginning of this project, I had a laid out plan to use pre-rigged characters, but after much thought and conversations with tutors and peers, I decided to make my own characters, which took up most of the time, which was roughly 5 weeks. Which meant that I had less time to animating and ended up sacrificing the original ending of my animation, as well as not giving me enough time to tidy up some of the movement and gestures that the characters make, that could use with some improvement.

Overall I am pleased with the end product and I have been complimented by Tutors, Peers, Family and Friends that it’s a very good piece of animation. If I had the chance to so this time, as well as improvements for next time, I will make sure plan every approach and execution throughout the project. For example, setting deadlines for certain stages of the project, e.g. Writing Scripts, Modelling, Lighting, Animating, Idea Generation, etc…

Occurrence of Two Heads – Evaluation


After finishing this project I can confidently say that I have created a 500 word script with compelling argument between a character with 2 heads about whether or not animation is a genre.

I would say the strongest element to this piece would be my 2 headed character. Most of my peers and tutors have complemented me on the characters back story and relationship, and I think it works well with in the script, giving it a humorous touch.

I would say the most challenging task when doing this assignment was writing up the script. It was quite a challenge trying to make the script entertaining to read as well as factual when making points towards my argument, plus it was quite difficult to stick to the topic that I chose without going off onto another, to further back up my points.

Overall I’m pleased with the end result. If I were to do this project again, with more time than just a week, I would like to have gone deeper into the subject about animation as a whole, bringing up various subjects that animation has been either called or criticised, plus maybe add shading towards the drawing so it doesn’t look flat.


Sebastian and Prof. Vestergaard are queuing at cinema to watch the recently released animation ‘Bolama’. After losing his body to a recent fight with his enemies, what’s left of his remains is now attached to his butler/subordinate Sebastian, who taking the opportunity of his new position to do something he wants. The professor is not happy.


Professor Vestergaard (P): “HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!!! I should be back in my laboratory, plotting my revenge, not watching some cliché family film for kids”

Sebastian (S): “I’ve been your subordinate for decades and not once have I had the chance that I wanted to do, and now that you’ve been reduced to nothing more than a head I can finally do the things that I’ve always wanted to do. Besides not all animated films are for children, this one is supposed to have a very good narrative”

P: “I don’t care, I bet it’s just another one of those musical cartoons with a strong female protagonist, which little annoying brats will go crazy for the merchandise, just like the rest in that pitiful genre”

S: “Genre?”

P: “Yes the animation genre”

S: “How dare you. Animation is not a genre.”

P: “Oh yeah? Tell that to Wikipedia, according to them, genre is any category of literature, music or other forms of art or entertainment, and what is animation?… A form of art. BOOM stick that in your pipe and smoke it”

S: “That’s a good point, but I can present a counter argument”

P: “No you can’t”

S: “Yes I can because according to Merriam-Webster Medium is a Material or mean of artistic expression, and what is animation but a way for artist to express their views on different subjects. Even Brad Bird the person behind The Incredibles stated that animation is not a genre and that it’s an art form that can do any genre.”

P: “But that’s one man’s opinion and besides you’re talking how animation is expressed, not what it is.”

S: “But he’s right, how can you deny it. Animation is able to do any form of genre whether it be a family film like Tangled or Frozen or a crude comedy like Sausage Party or Rick and Morty or anything by Don Hertzfeldt. And yes even though I’m talking about how about animators express through animation, it’s still a form of animation. Which brings me to my point, Animation is not a genre, it’s a form of medium which can be used to make anything.”

P: “Whatever, you know if I still had my body I would turn your organs inside out”

S: “Well unfortunately for you, you’re stuck like this because without me you’d be nothing paper weight”

P: “You take that back”

S: “Never, and besides I hope you’re ready because after this film, we have a whole list of things I want to do… NEXT STOP DISNEYLAND!



End Scene



‘Any category of literature, music or other forms of art or entertainment’ – Genre (2016) in Wikipedia. Available at: (Accessed: 8 December 2016).

‘Medium is a Material or mean of artistic expression’ – Merriam-Webster (2016) Definition of MEDIUM. Available at: (Accessed: 8 December 2016).

‘Animation is not a genre and that it’s an art form that can do any genre’ – Amidi and Articles, M. (2015) Animation is not A genre: Oscar Edition. Available at: (Accessed: 8 December 2016).

MVIM – Evaluation and Film


To Evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece demonstrating a character who’s Monologue and Inner Monologue differ from each other, as well as giving a good character performance.

Going with a simplistic look with both my 2D and 3D areas, allowed me to focus on character performance of the character and it has really helped especially for a first attempt of actually animating full 3D character, plus using the Arnold render has really pushed the quality of the animation. On top of this the sound and audio really do compliment each other, sounding fluent as well as having a good pace throughout the animation.

Although these are good points that I have been complimented on I still see a few areas which can be improved. For instance while animating with the audio did help get the character performance I was looking for, it was a constant struggle to think of what will be doing during the animation, although I did plan out where character will end, I never really considered what the character will be done in between the start and the end, this is where I should of had some pose-to-pose, poses to set me up when it came to a certain area of the animation, where I know what the character will be doing and thinking, plus there were a lot of areas where the character felt stiff and was doing a lot of twining with their am movements, something I would improved on if I had more time but also something I will take into account for next time, perhaps maybe starting with the hip when putting the character in position. As well as that I should of used Moom for this animation piece instead of B-Boy, although B-boy was good at character performer, he’s more of a character to practice walk cycles and movement, where as Moom is more of a character performer, with better controls for expressing emotion through the face.

Overall the animation I have created a creative, fun piece of animation that appeals to the brief and is quite humourous.


Feature Pitch Evaluation

After completing this project I can confidentially say that I have created a 800(ish) word pitch about reviving or rebooting a completed or discontinued cartoon series in a alternate style.

I would say my strengths within this project were the choice of the show I would reboot and the re-designing of the characters in the adventure time style. Although Clone High isn’t exactly a classic animation, I think that it was a good choice, which my peers and tutors agreed on, seen as the show had a good plot behind it despite the fact it got cancelled. But because of this it allowed me to come up with new ideas for how I could reboot the series and how I would continue it seen as there wasn’t a lot of plot devices within the original show. As for the concepts that I did, peers and tutors have complimented me on them saying that I’ve manage to capture the style of Adventure Time and Clone High and mix the two together, plus the drawings resemble my improvement over this past year within in my drawing abilities and colourising.

As for my weaknesses I would say that my planning and time management of the project were my biggest weaknesses. Although within the final week of the deadline I manage to complete the work exceptionally, I still had to rush to find a cartoon revive in the first place, I just luckily found one that had a good synopsis and only ran for one season. If I had started this project earlier I could of done some more research into different cartoons and testing their styles out to which ones I liked and disliked, as well as discussing and sharing ideas with my peers about them, which could of made good research documentations.

If I were to re-do this project again I would definitely start the project a lot earlier so I can take my time studying and looking a various cartoons in 90’s, 80’s or even the 70’s that could of been done a lot better. Also I would also like to have drawn and styled a lot more characters from Clone High in the AT style to see what each of them would look like.

Clone High Pitch-1Clone High Pitch-2Clone High Pitch-3Clone High Pitch-4Clone High Pitch-5Clone High Pitch-6Clone High Pitch-7Clone High Pitch-8Clone High Pitch-9Clone High Pitch-10

Zombie Vs Robot Evaluation

After completing this assignment I can confidently say that I have produced a 1 minute(ish) 3D animation where a Zombie and a Robot arm interact with one another.

I would say that my strengths within this project has been shown mostly in the 3D stages of the process especially in the modelling and rigging stages as well as the generating my ideas. Within the modelling stages I was able to make a very convincing Zombie and robot arms, I went for the cartoon, 1950’s style which peer say I captured,  and I was able to model both arms within the span of 2 and a 1/2 days, plus a peer mentioned that they liked the way my Zombie’s nails looked. With the rigging it was very easy to pick up after watching a couple of tutorials, I was able to make the skeleton for my Zombie arm and attach the skin to it, as well as apply controllers for both of them that turned out to be very easy to control. As for the animating of the project, it was very quick and simple to complete, although I did use up a lot of frames exceeding over 2000 which meant that I had to cut down on what I could include, even though when I rendered and edited the footage I still had about 10 seconds of space left that I could of use, perhaps I may of set up render wrong or that I didn’t set up the timeline correctly. And as for the idea stages I was able to come up with concrete story for the animation after a couple changes to the story and design of the characters.

As for my weaknesses within the project I would say they mostly shown within some of the animating as well as the planning for the animation. Like I had mentioned before I had exceeded the frame limit of my animation which was originally 1440 frames by 2000+ which wasn’t such a big deal because I knew within the editing I could of cut out any unnecessary parts out, but as I rendered the animation and whacked it in Premier Pro, the animation was very slow which meant I had to speed up the animation a little which resulted in the animation being 30-40 seconds long (before Editing) which meant I had a lot more time for me add the parts that I had to cut originally. As for the planning for the project it wasn’t as some of the previous projects although once again I was still a bit late when it came to starting modelling the arms, this was mostly because I didn’t to rush in with modelling until I was happy what my story was and what characters looked like, because at that point I will still not sure how I was going to model the Robot arm or even what it would look like, plus not knowing about the university being closed for two days on the last week was a pain as well. And lastly I think the Rendering could of gone better, what I mean by this is that when I began rendering I had it set up on 1 machine and left it, but after 2 hours I saw that the rendering was taking longer than I expected, so to speed thing up I set up similar renders on other machines that started and finished on different frames, which was a good idea until I realised that on the other machines I forgot to apply the background that was turned off at the time. It wasn’t a big deal because you couldn’t notice it in the editing fazes, but as I tried to mess with the brightness and contrast of the animation I notice the difference between that you can notice in some of the scenes, although it’s a slight difference it’s still something that I should remember not to do next time.

If I was to re-do this project I believe the first thing I would do is to include parts that were cut out in the final version of the animation because feel as if it would have made the animation  lot more clearer to understand in the first viewing, as well as checking that I have set up the timeline of the animation so that when it comes to editing I don’t have to slow down or speed up any of the parts. Also I would make sure that when it comes to the finalisation of the designs that I would continuously check with peers and tutors to see if my ideas and design were good enough to proceed with, so that when I plan out my schedule, I won’t need to rush.

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Typography Evaluatiion

After completing this assignment I can confidently say that I have created a 30 second animation using typography as the style as well as direct and record an actor and animate over it.

I believe that my strengths within this project were definitely within the writing and recording parts of this project. The writing because the script that I came up with matched the style of what advertisement I was coming up with in my head, and even better the voice actor that I asked to record with was a good match too, with help with some of my direction. And with the audio recording I didn’t need to do much editing because we had set up the microphone correctly to record voice (which is an improvement from last time), plus I did get positive feedback about it from my tutors and peers. As for the animation itself many of my peers have stated that it’s a very good and that they like some of the edits that I made within the animation, for example the tyre track going over the word ‘Roadkill Sandwich’, which is good feedback for me because it allows me to see where my strengths when using after effects.

As for my weaknesses within this project I believe is experimenting with after effects. Although I have improved from the last time I’ve used it and that peers and tutors have agreed that it’s a good piece of animation, I still think there is a lot more that I can do with after effects if I had a bit more time with it. What I mean by this is that my typography is just one word appearing after another, which is fine, but I would’ve like to see what it would look like if I had the words fly of screen, and be replaced by another set words that will come in from another side of the screen, or maybe use arcs to make the words move about and jiggle depending on what it is. Plus I believe that because my idea is an advert and that the style of the advert is very quick and loud, I don’t think that there were any effects I could have added that would have the same impact than if I was to tell a story like some of my other peers, who agree with me on this statement.

If I was to re-do this project I would definitely experiment a bit more with what effects and animation I could add to my idea like words that drop from the top of the screen like bricks, or float down like a feather. Or maybe change up my idea to a crazy story that will allow me to think new ideas of how some of the words will act when my narrator tells the story.


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