He can walk… He can RUN!!!

Made a sort of mini show reel of a run and walk cycle that I’ve done outside if uni. If you remember I did the run cycle over the Easter holidays, and it was a good attempt for a first run cycle, but I completely trashed the saying  “Learn to walk before you run” so to justify it I did a walk cycle.

My comments about the walk cycle or sort of similar to the run. A good attempt for a first walk cycle, but a bit jumpy, which weirdly suits that character that’s doing the walking. But hey I’ve got to start somewhere.




So yeah I did the run cycle. Whoop Whoop. Like I said in the other blog, or at east I think I put in the other one, this is the first run cycle that I’ve attempted. And although its a bit choppy and slow, it can use some improvements on it. I can confidently say its a good first attempt. Now that that’s done I wont feel guilty about slacking the rest of my Easter holiday.


P.S. I’m Joking about the slacking thing Andy, I’m a hard working student I promise….. plz….. plz believe me DX

So it’s Easter, and to make myself feel like I’ve actually done something productive over the holidays, I’ve started to work on a run cycle with my character Ted. Nothing too big or fancy, just something for me to practice with.

So far I’ve blocked out the positions, I’ve just got to work with the Graph Editor and add In-Betweens.

Figure It Out

I’ve done some character designs and idea generating today. WHOOP!


I was pretty confused with the brief before today. I wasn’t sure which approach to take whether to do a pitch or a discussion between two characters. Although the pitch was the easiest to do, it’ll be quite difficult to write 1250 words without rambling. As for the discussion, it’ll be difficult to include topics about Cinematography and Film Language without forcing it.


So I discussed with Jemma, and after some thought, we came up with a great approach. Instead of doing one or the other, I can try combine the two approaches in a way. I’d write the discussion between a Human and a Toon, with some minor references to other Live-Action meets Cartoon films. After that’s done I will make a Storyboard of the short scene, and name and list all the camera movements I will use, on top of that some character sketches and designs with notes about the way they look.

So I started thinking of the story that will unfold. I came up with a few good ideas, but the idea of having a toon con-man trying to sell false goods to an outsider, kind of stuck with me. It reminded me of Stan Pines from Gravity Falls, and his constant quest to con the town and get rich.


Here’s a sketch on the Con-Man Toon. I really like the design of this character and really shows that I’ve managed to adapt my own style. I’ve also took inspiration from Reaver from the Fable Series, another con-man but a lot more dangerous than Stan from GF. Although I like the character, Reavers personality is not something I want my character to have. My character is not exactly a successful con-man, and the shop that he owns isn’t the most popular. Although if a customer walks in, he does his best to dress to impress.

Image result for Stan pines

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Image result for Reaver fable

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Mission imposibrew

So today I’ve made very good progress. I’ve completed the rooftop scene as well as started the vent bit. The characters are looking, and they’re movement and actions are looking great so far, although the beginning of the vent scene is a bit quick and needs work on it, but so far so good.


First Step


After the lecture with Debra, I decided to at least start modelling Ted. I’ve only modelled the body, but at least I’ve started and that I can pick it back up on Monday.

It’s looking good


During Debra’s I made a simple, half walk cycle, using blocking. I found it to be a lot easier than the old way I use to animate, and because of this I believe that when it comes to animating my characters will move more life like instead of stiff and robotic.

Meet the Robbers


So I did thing. It looks good. I’m happy about it. I’m definitely seeing my improvements in drawing as well as Photoshop. Although the style that I use is very simple, I’m pleased with the results.

“Fire the ‘Laser'”

Image result for dr evil laser gif

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Been messing around with Maya today. Been trying to at how I will implement the Lasers in my scene. The technique that I used for this test, was using cylinders to create the beams in then mess around with the texture settings, to give the beams some transparency and glow. But unfortunately I’ve had no success with them yet, so unless I just need to pump up the settings, I’ll have to figure out another way to use the lasers.


Thought I’d see what the beams looked like in the Maya renderer. A bit of glow and transparency, but after using the Arnold Renderer, the Maya one just looks pants in comparison.


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