Evaluation – Dialogue, Action, Interaction – Heist Away

To evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have created an animated piece that demonstrates two characters interacting with one another to overcome an obstacle and achieve a common goal.

As a second attempt of animating full 3D characters, I have manage to give my two robbers character. Adapting my style to the 3D characters, as well as creating the characters from scratch, has really complimented the style of my animation, as well as making it easier to animate them. Plus the characters have quite a bouncy style to their movement which is a great bonus.

Although these are good points there are some drawbacks to this project. The main point I will address, is that my Project Management was not on point. At the beginning of this project, I had a laid out plan to use pre-rigged characters, but after much thought and conversations with tutors and peers, I decided to make my own characters, which took up most of the time, which was roughly 5 weeks. Which meant that I had less time to animating and ended up sacrificing the original ending of my animation, as well as not giving me enough time to tidy up some of the movement and gestures that the characters make, that could use with some improvement.

Overall I am pleased with the end product and I have been complimented by Tutors, Peers, Family and Friends that it’s a very good piece of animation. If I had the chance to so this time, as well as improvements for next time, I will make sure plan every approach and execution throughout the project. For example, setting deadlines for certain stages of the project, e.g. Writing Scripts, Modelling, Lighting, Animating, Idea Generation, etc…


Done and Dusted

Finished animating today. YEEEEEY! So unfortunately I had to cop-out the ending of my original plan for my animation, and although that’s the case, the Alternative ending is still a some-what satisfying ending. We’ll just have to see how editing turns out.

Hopefully by the end of Thursday I will have the opening done, which I’ll do through TV Paint, as well as have the voice work done and started the Rendering of the scene.

Got it

Some more progress with the animation. I’ve sort of come to a decision to change my ending. Although the ending that I original planned to do is a better ending, I’m going to have to cop-out and leave it at a cliffhanger due to how much time I have left as well as the other things that I need to get done before the deadline.

There it is

Here’s some more progress with the animation. I decided to cheat and not to show Ted and Pat moving through the lasers to save time. In replacement I’ll have them off screen making grunting noises to make it sound like they are.

Hold your Horses buddy

More progress, YEEEEY! I’ve been progressing quite steadily for the past few days, approaching the halfway mark on my animating which great because hopefully, by Wednesday next week I should be finished, and be able to move on with finishing the lighting.

Also I’ve booked the Sound-booth for Thursday, so I should have the VA sorted by then.

A Good Week

Made a lot of progress this week. I can actually say I’m proud of myself, saying that I only started animating last week, I’m just about to reach the halfway point of animating. Although there is still quite a lot of work to do. Also looking at some of the renders that I’ve made I’m not completely satisfied with them, but I will mess around the lighting and composition later on when I’ve finished animating.

He’s sick of your S#%@

More progress with the project. Things are coming along smoothly, although I think the walk cycle that I did with Patrick is a bit jittery, and can do with some work on it, which I’ll do. The animation is coming on swimmingly.


Here’s some more progress on the film. I’m kinda blocked at the moment with what to do with Ted as in what to make him do next. To end the opening I want Patrick to hit Ted, to so that they can concentrate on the diamond. But I’m not sure what to make him do to lead up to it. I may suggest it to the tutorial group tomorrow, see what if I can be inspired.

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