I’m stressing out a bit, not a lot, but a bit. I’m kind of worried that I may not get this project in on time due to the fact that I’m still in my modelling phase, where I should of been in the animating phase. Although this is the case, I’m not completely worried as, this is the first time I’ve fully modelled and rigged a character from scratch, I’ll just have to see where it goes.

At the moment I’ve nearly complete Ted, although I’m issues with creating the hand. I’m going to have a word with Andy tomorrow to see if he can help me.


I’ve also made some more progress on the room. I’ve made the room bigger so my characters will have more space to move around in. Plus I’ve added the stand and diamond. It’s looking pretty good.


I’ve also done a quick test render. It looks good so far, although I think I need to mess with the lighting a bit. Plus to get that transparent, glowey effect for the beams, I’m going to render the beans in mental ray after I’ve fully rendered the animation. That way when it comes to editing I can put the mental ray render on top of the Arnold render.


It’s looking good


During Debra’s I made a simple, half walk cycle, using blocking. I found it to be a lot easier than the old way I use to animate, and because of this I believe that when it comes to animating my characters will move more life like instead of stiff and robotic.

Rendering and editing ‘n’ shiz

So I finished the render and despite a few drawbacks during the process, it looks gorgeous. During the render. 2 of the computers had turned themselves off in the middle of the night, which was kind of irritating because I had to restart the render from where they left off when I came in on Thursday morning which meant I had to delay the editing till it was finished. But after a couple hours it managed to render the whole scene beautifully and I was ready to render.

The rendering stage was a long and irritating process, when I imported the audio and video they some how were not sync with each other, which was strange seen as I had animated to the audio in the first place so it would. So to fix this I had to go through it and speed up a section of the audio so it would keep up wit the video, I mean the audio sounds a little higher but it works well.

The next problem was probably the getting the 2D thought bubbles into the premier. It proved to be difficult because when I exported the scenes from TVPaint they had a black background, instead of being transparent. To fix this I put the scenes into after effects and added a mask to area I wanted to be shown, making the rest of the area transparent. And to make sure the thought bubbles looked like thought bubbles, I messed around with the feather and opacity settings to make the bubbles look more cloudy and foggy than just a plain white image.

Little bits


Today I spent a couple of hours animating some of the 2D sequences that will appear within my animation. So far so good, they look a bit rough at the moment, need to tidy and ink them up. But yeah I’m pretty pleased with them. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be ready to start animating in Maya.


It was an accident I swear


So did a little test animation to see, one that I haven’t lost my touch with TVPaint and two to experiment how the different scenarios that my character will come up with will look like. So far so good that movement looks pretty smooth, but I’m a bit meh on using stick figures, obviously they’re easy to animate and quick to draw but they don’t look interesting. I’m going to continue with these tests tomorrow and see what peers think.


I also manage to record my voice acting for the animation yesterday, only problem is my script is way too long. This isn’t really problem because I can edit down the script to reasonable time and it’ll still make sense, but the voice acting just doesn’t sound smooth and fluent. At the moment I’m going to use the audio as reference for the animating I’ll hopefully have started by Friday, but I may go back and edit the script and record it before I submit it on the deadline.

Messing with rigging

So today I took the chance to mess around with a pre-rigged character to see how difficult moving a full rigged character was. Safe to say it was quite easy to pick up, the controllers were easy to manipulate and because my character in my animation will be stationary throughout the film all I’ll have to animate the hands, arms and head, so I’m pretty confident to have the character as a 3D model.

My only concern is that, looking at the character is seems to have a lot of controllers attach to it, which could take quite some time to do. This is something that isn’t quite bothering me that much because most of the scene is going to low poly which shouldn’t take too long, so I’ll have enough time to model and rig  a character. But still it’s something I should take into consideration throughout the project.

Modelling a character

Today during our 3D sessions with Andy, we began to experiment with modelling a full body character.

Although not finished it gives me a brief insider of what modelling a full character in Maya is like. I found it to be quite easy and simple to do, mostly because it is very similar to what we had done with the Zombie Hand we did last year, but just to a larger scale. Of course I’ve only done the body and leg, but it’s a good start.

This experimentation is helpful to me because it gives an idea of how long it takes to model a character, and as the weeks progress we’ll be modelling the face as well as rigging and animating the character too, which is something I’m quite nervous but excited to do, as it will help not as an Animator, but also with the project as it will help me decide what approach I will take whether I have 3D characters or 2D characters.


I’ll take back what I said about After Effects

After a long hard day on Thursday, spending all my time in front of a screen in After Effects I finally mange to complete the animation. I’m not surprised really because the last animation I created in After Effects took me roughly a day as well, and I’ll admit that I’ve come to like After Effects a lot more now that I’m animating text instead of a character.

At first I was going for the simplicity of having just text appear on the screen to match the voice, but I began to approach the end of the animation I felt as if I can add a lot more to the animation to make it look appealing.

First I started with the title of the product and looked at what I can change about it to make it look more snazzy, like changing the font or maybe mess with the colours a bit. So I decided to sketch out and mess around with a few positions, colour changes, and font styles. Eventually I made my decision and added it to animation which paid off because it looks pretty good.

After this I went a bit crazy and started to mess with some of the other scenes that I was going to add, for example when the word ‘Roadkill Sandwich’ appeared I animated a Tyre track running over the word. And when sales price appears on the screen a animated it so it would flash, and then dollar signs would appear behind him.

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