Line Evaluation

After finishing the animation I can positively say that I have created this animation following the brief that I was given. I have clearly demonstrated what my character’s objective is as well as the obstacle that he is trying to overcome.

The character is weak in some areas like the detail of the body and his head, but still fits well with the animations story. The background of the animation is weak, with very little detail to it, could do with some items and household objects to fill in the blank space.

The movement of the character and the cable is the strongest elements within this animation, despite that the animation had to be reduce to a 75% speed reduction to match the 30 second mark, they look very life like.

The editing has been done very well, the music and sound effects match and link up perfectly to the movement of the drawings, and the music doesn’t drown the other sounds, although some of the sound effects sound a bit muffled due to my poor planning to what sounds I actually wanted for the animation. I think next time will have to make sure to plan what sounds I want.

Overall a really good piece of animation. If I were to do it again I would add more detail to background of animation maybe add more framed pictures to the wall or possibly a household animal. I would also make sure to plan what sounds I wanted for the animation as well maybe adding some voice acting within the animation as well. And would try and add experiment with some of the features that Premier has to offer, it was my first time using it and I would like to see what I can add to editing with a little time and practice.



Animating done

Line Project GIF

After hours of concentration, frames and Foo Fighters Kings of Leon and Darkness blasting in my ears, I’ve finally finished the animating and drawing. I’m quite impressed with myself, yeah it may not look like the best looking animation out of the class, but as my first piece of 2D animation I think I’ve out did myself.

Although all the drawing is done, I’m not done yet. I’ve still got to record sound effects as well as editing video, so I’ve still go work to get done, I’m going to start by getting the images ready for editing first and getting them in the correct sequence order. After this I’ll get my sounds recorded, I only need a handful of sounds so this process should be quick and once that’s done I can whack them all together and get it ready for submission.


Woooooow were halfway there…

We’re at 186 frames now and it’s going great so far. I’m pleased with how the animation is coming out, the characters movements look very good and the way cable snatches on the characters head looks great.

Although I’m doing well I’ve still got half of the animation to do, plus the editing and sound work as well, which daunting but I’m not too worried. I expect to be nearly finished with the drawing tomorrow which will leave me Wednesday, Thursday and/or Friday to do the sound effects, which shouldn’t take too long, but I want to get everything finished or near completion by Friday so I can beginning putting it all together.


So far so good I’ve managed to animate roughly 100 frames so I’ve made some good progress.

It’s been a bit of a challenging task so far because I’ve never made a 2D animation before and because I’m new to TV paint it’s taking me a lot longer to animate than others in my class, but I’m still enjoying never the less. It’s improving both my drawing and animating skills as well as my knowledge of TV Paint.

I’ve found that the most useful tool within the program is the warp tool, mostly because it saves me time on moving the character about without having to erase or re-draw him, it’s really useful.

Changing ideas… again

So today I manage to get some feedback on both of the ideas during my tutorial. The feedback most helpful as it gave me an idea of which animation idea was better. The stronger idea was #2  with my character Tom Vance being connected to a television plug (outline of Idea #2 here), which Andy backed up on saying it had more meaning to why he is connected to the wire.

The only thing I need to do is brainstorm what will happen during the animation and present them to Andy so we can help put me on the right track.



Line project

Well so far so good I’ve managed to create the first few images of my animation, as well as an alternate idea for an end result, which Andy suggested to me.

The idea was, instead of having a chain attached to him why not have a power cable instead restraining him from leaving the room he is in.

I do like the idea and it makes a lot more sense to the reason why my character will be kept in that room, my only issue is, is that with my original idea I know how the story will unfold and where as this new idea I will have to think about what will happen to this character and how will it end.

I’m going to present and talk about both my ideas to the group in Tutorial tomorrow hoping I will get some helpful feedback from the group and how I’m going to approach the deadline.

Line Project 2


New Characters!!!

Meet Tom Vance T.V. for short:

I came up with the idea because I wanted a box head instead of a round one with big feet.

Tom Vance CA

First scene of my animation:

Inspiration from the character Retro from ‘Dead Leaves’


Simples… (Meerkat squeak)

During Tuesday’s lessons we had to pitch the ideas that we wanted to produce for the newest project that we’ve been assigned to. It well just as well as I expected, the reason I say this is because I had a sore throat and we running out of time in the session. The feedback was mostly positive but I didn’t really had a solid character design for my animation, what I mean is that I only had ideas of what my character will look like with different styles but all going with a simple look (which can look at HERE).

Simple character similar the ones from the asdfmovies by Thomas (Tomska) Ridgewell.

After the presentation Andy suggested that I’d look into characters that can be drawn from simple 2D shapes like circles and squares and have a practice, because my drawing skills is not the strongest but with time I will hopefully get good at it. 

THE LINE!!!!! (que awesome guitar rift)

NEW PROJECT YEEEEEEEEY. So at the beginning of this week we were given our first solo project for this unit, something that I’m both excited and nervous about because I get whether or not I’m better working alone or with in a group.

The project is to create a 30 second animation, which tells a story using the Three act structure of a character overcoming an obstacle in the pursuit of an objective. Very simple and easy task, and so I have come up with a coupe of ideas.

Idea #1:

The first idea I had in mind is character that’s attached to chain which will be connected to either a wall or heavy weight. The character will then notice a key either hanging from a rope or on the floor that will maybe/maybe not unlock the chain from their foot. Then the character will try a few scenarios to try and reach the key to set themselves free.

.The chain represents the obstacle holding back the character, restraining them from accomplishing their dream of Freedom

.The Key represents the objective that gives hope to the character that is dream of freedom can be achieved

.The character could be a silent protagonist/antagonist (depending on why they’re their in the first place)

Some Concepts for idea #1:

Line#1 CA

Idea #2:

The second idea I had in mind is a  very nervous and shy character who lives in a very mucky and dirty area, trying to find a new home.  Then eventually he notices an area on the side of a bottomless cavern which lucks a sandy paradise. But the only problem is, is that they must cross the cavern on a very thin zip line, which is problem because the character is afraid of heights. I’m pretty sure the character will make it, but I’ll add a joke at the end to lighten up the animation

.The Zip line the obstacle, because the character is afraid of heights but it’s they’re only way of crossing

.The paradise side of cavern represents the Objective as the character wants to live in that paradise instead of the dump he is living in now

.Character is shy, nervous and is afraid of heights, I’ll have to show this either through actions, emotions, sound, or all of the above.

Some Concepts for Idea #2

Line#2 CA pt1

Line#2 CA pt2

Hopefully by the end of this week I will have a clear idea of what the idea is that I will present and that I’ve thought long and hard about how I will execute the process.

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