Film Pitch

Title: TempleQuest                                                                                                     Process: 3D


Two brothers find themselves in a temple in search for treasure. Within the film we will see the younger brother, Kodi wanting to prove to his older brother, Shay, that he can be useful in their quests.

What happens

They enter the temple. They move through a corridor where Shay almost gets injured by a trap that Kodi set off. They find the treasure. Kodi sets off another trap that surrounds the treasure in lava. Shay, frustrated tries to acquire the treasure on his own. Kodi is left upset. Shay can’t get the treasure. Kodi comes up a with an idea. They get the treasure. Temple collapse around them. The two escape and leave into the sunset.


Some lovely visuals


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What I’m looking for?

I’m looking for 1/2 animators to help me with some of the basic movement, say when the brothers are walking around, or doing simple gestures etc…

As well as a 2D Artist to make a background for me for the final shot 105

And I’m also looking for someone to help with some of the lightning in the environments



Textured baby!!! – Thesis Film – Shay and Kodi Texturing, Environment Modelling progress and story changes

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Modelled and Textured in the same week, I’m on a roll. Very happy with how they came out, and look identical to the original drawings, besides the fact that they do look kind of dead. I’ve added highlights to their eyes to make them look more lively, but I think until I’ve done the blend shapes and rigging then they’re gonna look like that.

I’ve also been making some progress on the Grand Hall, I’ve added the podium as well as the back wall with the opening, and it’s looking good.

As well as this I have made some changes to the story, to cut the time of the animation. I’ve gotten rid of the beginning of the animation where they start in the forest, instead they will start in the temple. The reason for this is due to time constraints, in the original idea I had 5 environments to model and texture, and as simple as they were, it would take too much time to do. Luckily I don’t have to change to story/structure the animation that much, because I can still establish the relationship of the two brothers within the beginning anyway.

With this change I have less to model and texture and it means I can hopefully start animating a lot sooner than before.

Why do my boys look like characters from Aardman – Thesis Film – Modelling Shay and Kodi Complete


The boys are finally modelled. Despite the fact they look like characters belonging to world of Wallace and Gromit, I’m very happy with they turned out, and how little help I needed from my tutors to create them. Now that they’re done I can move onto Texturing and rigging. I’m hoping the texturing done by the end of the week by using Mudbox, then being able to spend the beginning of next week rigging them to work, to hopefully prep me in time for the 3rd week of the semester to start animating. Fingers crossed!!!


Cheating the smart way :) – Thesis Film – Character Modelling Shay and Kodi


Finally got the base model for both Shay and Kodi done. I’m quite glad with how it came out, all the edges and vertexs run smoothly along the body and there’s no creases in the model when smoothed. Now that I have this I can use the base model and copy it for modelling Kodi and because I have the base model I just need to add the details and features, which I have started with Shay already, adding the boot line, belt and brace.


Pointy Trees – Thesis Film – Modelling Environments

Seen as I’m totally one with nature, I have created all these trees to take over Maya and take back the earth from the electronic savages, polluting the planet… I think this project has made me insane…

I’m a lot happier with the new style of the trees. They have a lot more character to them, and they’re not as clumped together as they were before. Although I have duplicated the trees in the scene to fill the space I Think I’ll only have a couple of rows of tree with a 2D plain with an image behind so I can save time when it comes to rendering, because if I have the amount of trees I already have in the space now then rendering will take forever. The same goes with the last scene in the film.

Also I used the new colour palette I created in Adobe Color and applied it the trees and environment, which looks a lot better than it did.

Tree Colour Pallette


FFFFFFF********************K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! – Thesis Film – Storyboard

After a lot discussions with tutors, peers and my inner demons, I’ve finally finished the rough, first version of my storyboard.


Let me tell you this was a very strenuous process. Mostly because I’m terrible at storyboards, but also I felt I was doing too much than I needed to do, and was panicking that my story was going to be longer than I wanted it to be, and so I was constantly going back and altering things so it wouldn’t be as long. But never the less it’s done. and with it I can proceed with the animatic, so I can see if my story is not as long as I fear it to be, as well as to see if it all fits together and reads well, not only to me, but also to the audience.

Also I came across this useful website/blog – Ian Freer, illustrations by Olly Gibbs. 2017. The Camera Angles You Need To Know – Empire . [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 22 November 2017]. Which talks and discuss the different types of shots that are used in film and other medias. This was helpful because whilst writing up each shot that I was using, I couldn’t remember which one was which plus also gave me some inspiration for some shots that I may change.

The boys are back – Thesis Film – Character Design/Mood-board/Colour Scheme

Finally got the new designs of Shay and Kodi inked and coloured up. I’m a lot happier with the designs now, definitely closer to what I originally wanted from the start. You can also notice that I have changed the colour of the boys clothes. This was because I thought that the original colours didn’t necessarily fit with the lighting that I wanted to achieve within the film. So they needed new colours, and not just random ones, ones that would match with the colour palette of my film.


Adventure Time Wiki. 2017. Image Fall-Off Path.jpg \ Adventure Time Wiki \ FANDOM powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 28 November 2017]

To create the colour palette I opened up Adobe Color CC, and used one of the references that I used in one of my blogs to describe the type of lighting I wanted, and used the colour wheel to replicate the tree.Tree Colour Pallette

With the palette done, I whacked it into Photoshop and used the pen tool to adjust colour whilst keeping with the palette and applied it to the characters.

Into the woods – Thesis Film – Lighting Research

Looking at what lighting I want to achieve:

I spoke to Debra the other day about what research I should do for the blog, as I felt as if I needed to do some more research for the film but I didn’t know where to focus it. She told me do Visual Research into the environment of my film and talk about what I could include, what inspires me, why I want to include it, etc… as well as talk a bit more about the lighting.

Image result for firewatch screenshots

Campo Santo. 2017. Campo Santo. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 November 2017].

As I’ve said before the lighting I wanted to try and replicate is something similar to that of Firewatch. They have a nice Orange/Teal colour palette going on, and the lighting complements the outdoors theme of the game, but I feel as if it doesn’t quite fit the style of the characters that I have, unless I add a bit more detail to them which I don’t want to do.

Image result for firewatch screenshots

Beautiful Pixels. 2017. Firewatch — Pyromance • Beautiful Pixels. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 November 2017].

Image result for adventure time woods

Adventure Time Wik. 2017. Image – Bg Stock Woods.png \ Adventure Time Wiki \ FANDOM powered by Wikia. . [Acessed 12 November 2017

So I decided to have a look at other examples, and eventually ended up looking at some images of the woods of Adventure Time, and seen as my style is very similar to AT I figured it’ll be a good example to replicate, and it looks easier to achieve as well.

Image result for adventure time woods

Adventure Time Wiki. 2017. Image – Hair Fall-Off Path.jpg \ Adventure Time Wiki \ FANDOM powered by Wikia [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 November 2017].

Reference of people walking through Forests:

To help with how I’m going to make my trees as well as how dense I want the woodland to be, I going look at some examples of people walking in forest and woodlands just get an idea of how my characters are going to journey the woodland of my film.

Image result for people walking through the woods

A Walk through the Woods | SOLETOPIA. 2017. A Walk through the Woods | SOLETOPIA. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 November 2017].

One way I could approach is have them walking straight through woodland, have the trees very tall and skinny with a lot of bushy areas to block their view. But I feel as if this would be unnecessary and would take too much time to do.

Image result for characters walking through forest

Fanpop, Inc.. 2017. Post a character walking in as well as strolling through the woodland or forest – Anime Answers – Fanpop. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 12 November 2017].

Another way I could approach it is a path cutting through the forest that the brothers can walk down. This was my original idea, and I’m going use it, but thanks to looking at some examples I know how dense to make the forests and what style of trees I can use.


Everybody FREEEEEEZ!!!! – Thesis Film – 3D Modelling/T-Poses

NEW-Shay T-Pose

Shay T-pose

Between my sessions of doing my Storyboard I’ve been drawing up the t-poses for my characters. This, in my opinion, is the best T-Poses that I’ve done so far as I’ve managed to level everything up to one another e.g. the front face shape and features being level to the side face.

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With the T-poses done I’ve made a start to modelling Shay’s body. I’m by the time I’ve managed the basic shape of Shay’s full body I can use it to cheat a little bit and re-scale it to Kodi’s height, so it would save me time of having to create another model from scratch.

NEW-Kodi T-Pose

Kodi T-Pose