Colours!!! – Thesis Film – Concept Art/Research

WIP2 - Shay and Kodi

So far I’m making some good progress on the concept piece. I’ve managed to add colour to the characters, and now I just need to add the shading and highlights.

I did run into some issues though. I couldn’t figure out what colours to give each of my characters, as I didn’t want to just give them random colours to make them look “cool”, I wanted them to have meaning behind them, as well as give the audience an idea of what each of the brothers personalities are. So I did a little bit of research in ‘Colours and their meanings’ and pulled up this website – Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning. 2017. Color Wheel Pro: Color Meaning. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 11 October 2017]. There I read through each colour and their meanings, and try to see which ones best represented Shay and Kodi.

I started with Shay, who is a strong, courageous and intelligent young man, who cares and looks after his younger brother, but has a knack for losing his temper and getting angry in some situations. Looking at the website I managed pick out the colours Red, to symbolise is aggression and temper, Brown, to represent his stability and Masculine Qualities, and Blue, to symbolise his intelligence.

I then moved on to Kodi, who is a bright, enthusiastic and creative individual who is also sometimes clumsy. Looking through the website, the colours that link to Kodi the most are Orange which associated with enthusiasm and creativity, though I need to make his shorts orange. Yellow, to represent his cheerful and bright attitude, and White, which is associated with innocence.

Looking at the characters now, I think their colour scheme will help the audience link the characters personalities to their outfits colours.


Hot Bods and Brotherly Love – Thesis Film – Doing Concept/Modelling Shay and Kodi


I’ve made some progress on the Shay model, he now has an arm, no hand though that’s a work in progress. Whilst working on it I had Andy give me hand looking over it, seeing where I may have made mistakes and errors, and to no surprise he found several, though luckily for me they were all located in the foot. I had a lot of over lapping vertex’s and hanging edges, and with a few mouse clicks rearranging the foot was fixed. These issues were most likely made because of edge loops I previously made and undid, that left random vertex’s within foot.

After that was fixed I moved onto the arm and needless to say it’s a pretty decent though I think I’ll have Andy run over it to see if I can make any improvements. I was going to move onto the hand but unfortunately my drawn reference isn’t really useful, so instead I’m having to use the Harv ref drawings from 2nd year, but the problem is, is that the ref drawing has 3 fingers where as my character has 4, and I need to use a ref to model out the hand. I might speak to Andy about this and see if he can give me any suggestions around this, or I may even just draw out a hand in Photoshop and use that.WIP-Shay and Kodi

I’ve also done some concept drawing. I need to finish up the colouring and highlights for it, as well as do individual concepts for Shay, Kodi and other objects and environments, but it looking good so far.


Aboutness about abounting the aboutness – Thesis Film – Tutor Feedback

I got the opportunity to talk about my idea to some off my lecturers and peers during yesterday’s tutorial. It was a part of an idea that one of our new lecturers, Jeremy Moorshead, talked about on Tuesday, where he asked us to have a think about “What is your film about?” or “What is the ‘aboutness’ of your film?”. This was wasn’t a question about what the plots of our film was or what the characters are doing, but what the narrative of our films was about, and to help us see if we we’re making the film that we wanted to make.

So I took some time to think about my film, looking at the narrative trying to find a way to describe it in as few words as possible. I eventually came up with that my film about the “Bond between brothers” and the “Struggles between responsibility and life goals”, at the time I was certain I had it, but when I approached Jeremy and told about what will happen in the film, I began to get lost in my own words. The “Aboutness” that I wanted from the film didn’t really match up with what was happening with in the plans of what I had already came up with. There was no moments where the brother really progress as characters, or any strong moments to what their relationship towards each other were like. After realising Jeremy advised me to have a think about summarising what I wanted from the animation and how I can achieve it, and what I wanted from the animation is to show of my animation skills and storytelling, but to do this I needed have a think of how I could add some character development to the story before I continued.

So after an hour or two of burying my head in my hands I spoke to Debra about my idea and the situation I was in. We talked for about 40 minutes and I got some really great advice and suggestions from her. We managed to come up with ways that I could establish the relationship better between the brothers, by add little elements in the beginning that would be important towards the rising action of the animation. For example my character Kodi wants to prove himself that he’s not a liability to Shay, and that he can help with the quest, instead of being on the sidelines to leaving for Shay to do. And when it comes to rising action of the film, Kodi has a moment where he can prove himself to Shay, which ends up with them achieving their objective.

I’m glad I got to talk to Jeremy and Debra, because they’ve helped me understand what I wanted from my film and how I could achieve it. I’m still going to discuss my idea to the rest of the Tutors and see if I can get some inspiration, but I feel a lot more confident in my idea now.


Epic High-Fives – Thesis Film – Research Sibling Relationships

In regards to the first post that I made about how I talked about the relationship between my two characters. I thought I’d research in to some sibling relationships between animated characters, and see how animators and writers portray that relationship within their respected shows.

Image result for finn and jake

Video Games Fanon Wiki. 2017. Finn and Jake (CN:PTE2) | Video Games Fanon Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 October 2017].

Image result for finn and jake bro gif

GIPHY. 2017. Bro Time GIFs – Find & Share on GIPHY. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 October 2017].

 Finn and Jake, the broiest bro’s I’ve ever seen in a TV show ever. The relationship between the two brothers is a close one to say the least, the two not only live together, they fight bad guys and save the land of ooo side by side too. I love relationship between Finn and Jake, nothing come between the two and they’ve always got each others back, in the tough times and the good.


Related image

DeviantArt. 2017. Gravity Falls – Dipper and Mabel by GlancoJusticar on DeviantArt. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 October 2017]

Related image

PopKey. 2017. gravity falls, dipper, mabel, pat pat, pat animated GIF | PopKey. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 03 October 2017].

Dipper and Mabel, like Finn and Jake these two twins have a close relationship as well, but what’s different about these two is there personalities. What I mean is that Finn and Jake are both optimistic, lazy or brave near enough at the same time. Where as with the twins, Dipper is the responsible and mature one, and Mabel is more of the Happy-Go-Lucky, immature one. But despite there different personalities they’re both still there for one another.

With these examples I’m going apply these relationships to the boys. I think I’ll take more influence from Dipper and Mabel seen as their relationship is very similar to what I wanted to do with the boys in the first place.


Blank Stares – Thesis Film – Shay and Kodi Modelling #1


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During the summer I decided to start the modelling process of Shay and Kodi, to give myself a head start for when I came back to uni.

Previously I did T-Poses for my two bank robbers which was simpler to do because they were more or less stick figures and I could easily just model one and then just copy and re-texture another one to make two characters, whereas now I need to model/texture/rig 2 characters, which is quite a challenge but a challenge I’m willing to take.

The T-poses I made are quite useful and a lot more accurate in proportion than the robbers were, though the side view and front view don’t 100% line up, I’m quite happy with them and they’ve done well so far in terms of guideline to modelling the boys.

As for the actual modelling, I’d say I’ve done well so far. I’m quite pleased with the torso, leg and foot, and I’ve really got the hang of positioning the vertexes to get some definition to the model. I’ll have Andy to check it out so I can get some feedback from him.

It Begins – Thesis Film – Starting 3rd Year, Summer work

So after a long summer break, it’s time to start one of the biggest projects of my life to date. Needless to say I’m nervous about this project but at the same time very excited because I get to work on a project that I want to make without any guidelines by my lecturers.

So over the summer break I decided to do some pre-planning before the year started. Originally my idea was going to be about two characters, a male and a female, raiding an old temple in search of a mysterious artifact that would help them get home. But I couldn’t figure out the relationship between the two characters, whether they be just friends, or maybe something more. I then clocked on to the idea of a sibling relationship, which then lead to the idea of instead of a boy and girl entering a temple in search of an artifact, why not have two brothers entering a temple in search of a relic proving their hero status. Now as similar as that sounds, I decided that I could create a better relationship with the two characters, because of my own personal experience of having both and Older Brother and a Younger Brother, which I will talk about more in my research post.

But overall so far so good. I’ve given myself a head start on the project, which means I can get a lot more done before I need to pitch on the 27th October, plus I’ve already started modelling the characters as well as drawing up a storyboard, which I’ll show in further posts, that I can put into the pitch itself.

Promo Kit – Evaluation


To evaluate this project I strongly believe that I have discussed thoroughly about who my target audience is as well as how I would promote it to them correctly.

Looking at this project, my strengths were definitely within the writing aspects of the assignment. At the start of this project I was kind of lost a bit at what I should focus my writing on, but after doing the research for my target audience, it became a lot easier to write up, and when I got the audience down, looking into where to promote was just as easy to write.

As for my weaknesses, I can’t say there’s a lot to discuss seeing how this project was pretty straight forward and only 2 weeks long. Although I will mention that I probably should mention that poster isn’t to full completion. When I started the project I wanted to link it to my 3rd year project, but the problem was is that my idea wasn’t fully fleshed out, I kind of new what I wanted to implement, and what my target audience would be, but as for the plot I had no clue. This halted me from starting on the poster as well as the project because I didn’t fully know the idea at the time, and to be honest I’m still not 100% about it now.

Overall I’m pleased with how the project came out. Despite my comments I do like the poster and does well to portray what my 3rd year project might be about, depending if I go through with it. If I was to do this project again, I would need to think of the idea sooner so I’m not having to rush creating the poster, but instead take my time with it.

Marketing and Target Audience Research for my Animation

A* art right here


Here are some of the designs for my poster. The reason I created the poster like this is because I want to pretty much explain what’s going to happen within the animation without giving too much away. From an audience prospective they can see that these two adventures are running away from a big monster because they stole something that clearly belongs to them, which will hopefully catch the audiences attention.

Image result for adventure time

reddit. 2017. Glob, it’s Adventure Time’s 7th anniversary today! : adventuretime. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 June 2017].

I thought I’d include this in as a reference to my style. Adventure Time has a very simplistic style that I take inspiration from.

Speaking of inspirations. I’ve used some of my inspirations with in my assignment to determine what my Target audience. I research a bunch of different sites, but I found this one particularly helpful in terms discussing why they think the Target Audience for the show is what they predict.

Reviews & Age Ratings – Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. 2017. Reviews & Age Ratings – Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 09 June 2017].

1 last project

New project!!! So before I can click my shoes like a beautiful ballerina and enjoy the British summer, I’ve got one last project to do before I finish 2nd year.

Our project is called “Promo Kit” where we are to write an essay on promoting an animated feature and what methods would we take and why. This is quite a useful project because we can tie it in to our 3rd year animation, by talking about how we would promote our 3rd year projects to our audience.


So far I’ve done a bit of research into looking at the best example of advertising in movies as well as looking at “5 reasons to why Gravity Falls (one of the inspirations for my animation) is great”.


The Hollywood Reporter. 2017. 10 Best Marketing Campaigns for Movies & TV Shows of 2016 | Hollywood Reporter. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 June 2017].

If the name isn’t obvious, this website talks about the best examples of marketing from a variety of movies like Deadpool or The Jungle Book. It’s very helpful website, I can discuss some of the techniques which some of these films used and possibly apply it to my marketing approach.


Geek and Sundry. 2017. Five Reasons Gravity Falls Is The Best Thing Ever | Geek and Sundry. [ONLINE] Available at: [Accessed 05 June 2017].

Within this post the writer discusses about what the made the show so popular and why it succeeded. This isn’t a good example about marketing, but it’s good example when talking about target audiences. One of the things that made this show so successful was because of it’s characters and how some of the themes it explored, from sibling conflicts, to first crushes, or even obsession, and it appealed to a lot audiences despite the age of the viewer. Something that I will discuss and talk about within the essay.

It’s only a bit of research but I’m pursuing more websites and looking at different examples in marketing and appealing target audiences so I will have plenty to talk about with the submission.



My next objective is to continue with research, maybe look at some of the links that Jemma has provided. I also want to to somewhat start the essay by thinking about the structure of the essay e.g. what each paragraph will talk about and how many words I’ll cap myself with. As well as I’ll definitely create a concept of the poster that I need to do.