Progress Report

Look at this progress, isn’t it great



Fall Damage

Made some progress on my animation. Slow progression but it’s still on going. I’ve also fixed the problem I had with Patrick, nothing special, I just reloaded the model and it sorted itself out.

“We’re in”

Made some progress on my animation today, not much, but it’s still progress. I’ve finished the opening of the animation and it looks good so far, and I’ve now moved onto inside the museum. I’ve made much progress in the museum, just messing with the lighting and positioning of the characters.

Unfortunately I have ran into a problem with Patrick, his hands are deforming for some reason, not sure why, but it’s something I need to sort out first before I move on.

Mission imposibrew

So today I’ve made very good progress. I’ve completed the rooftop scene as well as started the vent bit. The characters are looking, and they’re movement and actions are looking great so far, although the beginning of the vent scene is a bit quick and needs work on it, but so far so good.


Venting out


I began animating today. Only got a few frames in but so far it is looking good. I’ve messed around with the intensity of my vent light because it was reflecting a lot of distortion on the characters.

Title Intro Idea


During the Story session with Jools and Phil, we were tasked to think about the title intro/sequence for our animation. Not a big fan on the title, probably will change it, maybe a play on the word diamond.

Riggity Riggity RIGGED MKII


I was suppose to post this up last Friday but I forgot so meh. BUT ANYWAY I’ve rigged my character FINALLY!!! Most of the controllers work well, I’ve not checked them all yet  but so far so good.


Finally textured… YES!!!!


He’s finally textured, thank christ XD

I kind of gave up with Z-Brush because I couldn’t find a solution to bring the model into Maya with it’s texture, so I decided to use Photoshop instead. It was an easy and simple process and it paid off quite well. Although the Z-Brush method didn’t work, I’m going to try and bug Rob next week, and ask how to it so I can do it next time.

Now the texturing is done I can move onto rigging… FINALLY!

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