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Here are some of the designs for my poster. The reason I created the poster like this is because I want to pretty much explain what’s going to happen within the animation without giving too much away. From an audience prospective they can see that these two adventures are running away from a big monster because they stole something that clearly belongs to them, which will hopefully catch the audiences attention.

Image result for adventure time

reddit. 2017. Glob, it’s Adventure Time’s 7th anniversary today! : adventuretime. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.reddit.com/r/adventuretime/comments/63owg0/glob_its_adventure_times_7th_anniversary_today/. [Accessed 09 June 2017].

I thought I’d include this in as a reference to my style. Adventure Time has a very simplistic style that I take inspiration from.

Speaking of inspirations. I’ve used some of my inspirations with in my assignment to determine what my Target audience. I research a bunch of different sites, but I found this one particularly helpful in terms discussing why they think the Target Audience for the show is what they predict.

Reviews & Age Ratings – Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. 2017. Reviews & Age Ratings – Best Movies, Books, Apps, Games for Kids. [ONLINE] Available at: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/. [Accessed 09 June 2017].


Toon Vs Actor Evaluation


To evaluate this project, I strongly believe that I have created a discussion between a Toon and a real-life character, and although I differed away from the original brief’s approach I stilled managed to discuss about different camera techniques and film language.

Looking at this project, my strengths definitely resided the characters design and script. The design of Tobias suits character, as a failing con artist, the colour scheme does well to bring out his personality. As for the script I’ve done well to establish the relationship between Tobias and James, as well as give myself plenty of opportunities to talk about the different camera shots I will use for the storyboard.

Although these good points there are few drawbacks to the project. My time management was an improvement to the previous project, getting all of the planning and idea generating done in the first week leaving all the practical stuff for the last week, but I was a bit slow in starting the rest of the project, leaving me with little time to polish up the storyboard and really think and discuss about which camera shots I would use and why? As well as even extended it to fit all the scenes from the script. I must work on it for further projects.

Overall I am pleased with the results and believe it was a successful attempt to the brief. If I were to do this again or something similar, I would like work more on my storyboard, as well as my discussion of camera techniques for the different shots.


Meeting Tobias


A bright flash. James opens his eyes to find himself in a strange place, very different to alleyway he was previously in.

James: “Where am I…?”

He looked around and scouted the area, tall trees that blocked out the sunlight, bushes that masked out the sound of creatures in the distance.

James: “How did I end up in a forest?”

He took another look around and notice there was something off about the trees, they looked different to ones back home. They had more colour to them and they almost looked flat, like they belonged in a cartoon or something. Suddenly James’s focus was distracted by a rustling in the bushes opposite him, getting wild and aggressive. He looked closer trying to make out what was making bushes move, but as it got more aggressive, he moved back, trying to prepare himself for whatever comes out. Then suddenly a tiny squirrel pokes it’s head out the bushes letting out a cute little squeak, before jumping out scurrying to the nearest tree. James gave out a sigh of relief, thinking it was stupid that he got worked up and scared of tiny squirrel. He chuckled as he composed himself before being interrupted.

Stranger: “Gee, you got scared by a tiny squirrel?”

James: “AAAAAAH!!!”

He jumps and crashes to ground, looking up at a tall dark figure, he couldn’t make out the stranger because of the sun that was glaring into his eyes.

Stranger: “You wouldn’t make it 1 day out here…”

James tensed up, prepping himself for any attack that the stranger could inflict.

Stranger: “It’s good thing that I found you then…”

The stranger moved in front of the sun to reveal a lively gentleman in a waist coat as he tipped his fedora to James.

Tobias: “The name’s Tobias… Inventor Extraordinaire and I have the perfect solution for you”

James picked himself up, dusting off his red flannel shirt, white t-shirt, black jeans and boots as he looked at Tobias. He wore a purple shirt with a grey waist coat, combined with orange trousers and a bowtie. He postures and gestures were all proper, like he was an entertainer for the royal variety, using his red sphered cane as an extension of his body. Which was weird considering his clothes were dirty with patches and tears all over, even his brown shoes looked worn out, he even wore pair of brown fingerless gloves to top it off. But James wasn’t bothered by it, in fact nothing concerned him, because he was too shocked at the fact that in front him was an actual real-life cartoon character.

Tobias: “Never get lost in the woods again with this state of the art NAVIGATOR!”

Tobias pulls out a painted rock that was tied to a bunch of sticks with the words ‘NAVFGATEOR’ on it, waving it in front of James trying to get his attention.

Tobias: “No…? Ah of course! You’re out here for adventure! Well an adventure wouldn’t be adventure without your own treasure map!”

He pulls out a piece of paper with the words ‘Treasure Map’ misspelled, with a bunch of different coloured scribbles with an ‘X’ in the middle.

Tobias: “Legend has it that within these woodlands there’s a secret, legendary treasure that was buried by the none other than Captain U.S.Less. During the Gold Age.”

James: “I… Er…”

Tobias: “Yeah you’re right it’s not really a map, I’m not really sure how I got this?”

Tobias throws away the map and starts rummaging through his bag pulling out a variety of ‘Gadgets’ and ‘Gizmos’ made of junk.

Tobias: “Here how about this cloak of invisibility or maybe this chalice of eternal youth, why not both for a low, low price…? Wow tough customer, you’re not like the other bozos from town… In fact, you look kind of different to the others in town, strange almost, are you new in town?”

James: “How… Wher…?”

Tobias: “Come on speak up”

James clears his throat.

James: “Where am I?”

Tobias: “You are new. Well, right now you’re in the middle of the Mystery Woods home to all things weird and wonderful in the town of H.O.W.T”

James: “Mystery Woods…? H.O.W.T…?”

Tobias: “Yes weren’t you paying attention… How rude”

James: “This must be a dream… This can’t be real… Man I shouldn’t have watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit before bed yesterday.”

Tobias: “What are you talking about? This ain’t no dream buddy, at least I hope not that’ll be such a cheap cop-out of an ending…”

James: “I’ve just got to wake up…”

Tobias: “Here!”

Tobias reaches over and slaps James across the face

James: “AH! What the hell was that for?”

Tobias: “Well you seemed pretty convinced that this was a dream, I wanted to see if you were right… guess you weren’t”

James: “Oh god… How is this possible… You’re animated, this whole world is animated!”

Tobias: “What are you talking about? What does animated mean? Is that an insult? Are you insulting me? How dare you!”

James: “Shut up! Just… let me think”

Tobias: “Wow you got issues”

Tobias steps back as James ponders to himself

James: “Right the last thing I remember, I was walking home from Uni and… I heard a noise coming from the alleyway… I went to go check it out and saw two guys messing with something. It looked like some sort of crystal of some kind…

Tobias jolts up at the word of crystal

Tobias: “Crystal…?

James: “Then there was this big, bright flash… And then I ended up here…?”

Tobias: “Did you mention a crystal? What did it look like?”

Tobias leaned in closer

James: “It was greenish, with some form of pattern all over it”

Tobias: “Hmmm…”

James: “Why do you know something about it? Could get me home?”

Tobias: “I’m not sure, but I remember a couple of weeks back the folks in town were going crazy because a crystal of the same description went missing.”

James: “How does that help me?”

Tobias: “Maybe somebody knows where the crystal went”

James: “I guess that’s a start”

Tobias: “Okay then let’s go”

Tobias begin to walk towards the exit of the forest with James following, before he stops abruptly.

James: “Wait why are you helping me? What’s in it for you?”

Tobias: “What do you mean? I’m just being a good Samaritan by helping a person in distress”

He stands tall with head held high

James: “Yeah I’m not buying it”

Tobias slouches

Tobias: “Huh?”

James: “No offense but you do a pretty rubbish job of hiding the fact you’re a con-man”

Tobias: (Surprised) “Wha… I… Er… Fine you got me. Most of this stuff is just made of crap I got from the junkyard”

James: (Sarcastically) “Wow I never would have guessed…”

Tobias: “Yeah whatever”

James: “So why are you helping me?”

Tobias: “Let’s just say if someone else didn’t pinch the crystal I would’ve instead”

James: (Sarcastic) “Shocking…”

James: “Anyway I don’t care, as long as I can home, you can have it”

The two head towards the exit of the forest heading to the town in search for answers.



“Man I shouldn’t have watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit before bed yesterday”

  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988 [DVD] Robert Zemeckis, United States: Buena Vista Pictures.


Figure It Out

I’ve done some character designs and idea generating today. WHOOP!


I was pretty confused with the brief before today. I wasn’t sure which approach to take whether to do a pitch or a discussion between two characters. Although the pitch was the easiest to do, it’ll be quite difficult to write 1250 words without rambling. As for the discussion, it’ll be difficult to include topics about Cinematography and Film Language without forcing it.


So I discussed with Jemma, and after some thought, we came up with a great approach. Instead of doing one or the other, I can try combine the two approaches in a way. I’d write the discussion between a Human and a Toon, with some minor references to other Live-Action meets Cartoon films. After that’s done I will make a Storyboard of the short scene, and name and list all the camera movements I will use, on top of that some character sketches and designs with notes about the way they look.

So I started thinking of the story that will unfold. I came up with a few good ideas, but the idea of having a toon con-man trying to sell false goods to an outsider, kind of stuck with me. It reminded me of Stan Pines from Gravity Falls, and his constant quest to con the town and get rich.


Here’s a sketch on the Con-Man Toon. I really like the design of this character and really shows that I’ve managed to adapt my own style. I’ve also took inspiration from Reaver from the Fable Series, another con-man but a lot more dangerous than Stan from GF. Although I like the character, Reavers personality is not something I want my character to have. My character is not exactly a successful con-man, and the shop that he owns isn’t the most popular. Although if a customer walks in, he does his best to dress to impress.

Image result for Stan pines

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Image result for Reaver fable

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Posing like a pro



Attempt #1

Here’s the first drafts of the T-poses for the characters. My first attempt (above) was a good start although it lacked elbows, knees and curves, so I made sure to add them to the others


Patrick T-Pose


Ted’s T-Pose

Also here’s a mini storyboard of what’s to come in the animation



A new look

So if you’ve been following my blog recently you know that I’ve been having a bit of trouble coming up with, and deciding on a solid overall plot to what will happen in my next animation.

To fix this I went and had a word with Debra and Andy, to see whether or not they could help me with deciding which story elements were the best. And after some discussion we came up with, what I strongly believe to be a solid story plan. The robbers will enter through an air vent like normal, but as they enter they must pass a laser grid and try and snag the diamond, that is protected by a guard dog, with a fishing rod. But unfortunately they accidentally set of the alarm as well as the dog, and so they need to work together to get out of there with the Diamond.

With this idea I have a lot of opportunities to create suspense as well as tension within the first half of the animation, and then pick it up in the second when they’re being chased.


Plus as a side note I’ve re-designed my two bank robbers, so that the two of them looked different from one another, as well as give them names and traits. Although in the image above I didn’t update they’re traits as I’ve switched Teddy from being the smart and clever one to being the short tempered but creative one, and Patrick the smart and calm one. Something similar to Spike and Whitey from Flushed Away

Image result for flushed away spike and whitey

Flushed Away Wiki. 2017. Image – Whitey and Spike Promo.jpg | Flushed Away Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://flushedaway.wikia.com/wiki/File:Whitey_and_Spike_Promo.jpg. [Accessed 19 January 2017]

Also I did a little sketch of Daenerys from Game of Thrones in a Disney style whilst I was watching GoT. You’re welcome.

Let’s plan a Heist


So here’s a quick update into what I’ve been doing for today and what I plan to do over the weekend. I’m currently working on the storyboard for animation and so far it’s looking pretty good, rough, but pretty good. I’ve only got a few slides, but it’s coming along slowly.

Image result for morpheus rigImage result for malcolm rig

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Animator Work: Free Maya “Morpheus Rig” (Download). 2017. Animator Work: Free Maya “Morpheus Rig” (Download). [ONLINE] Available at: http://animatorwork.blogspot.co.uk/2010/09/free-maya-morpheus-rig-now-u-can.html. [Accessed 13 January 2017].

I’ve also been put a lot of thought into the consideration of whether to do this piece in 2D or 3D. Although I’m stronger as a 3D animator, I feel as I’m avoiding animating in 2D  entirely, it’s I need to think and decide before next Monday.

If I was to do this piece in 3D I’m going to have another attempt of modelling and rigging my own character, this mostly because I never managed to finish my last character, and so I feel it’ll be good if I actually finished this one to completion. If it comes to it and I’m running low on time I will do the same as last time and use a pre-rigged character, like the ones displayed above.

Image result for locus and felix

Red vs. Blue Wiki. 2017. Club | Red vs. Blue Wiki | Fandom powered by Wikia. [ONLINE] Available at: http://rvb.wikia.com/wiki/Club. [Accessed 13 January 2017].

I’ve been considering what the chemistry between my characters would be like, and I kind want a chemistry like these two above. This is Locus (left) and Felix (right), 2 characters from the show Red vs Blue by RoosterTeeth. Their relationship strictly professional, Locus is the tough and silent type, who wants to get the job done, and Felix is a joker who always wants to have the last laugh.

This is something that I want to implement into my character, with a bit of a change. One of the robbers is experienced and professional, where the other is an intermediate at robbing and very clumsy, but both have an equal goal they want to achieve.

Project 2 Ideas

Here’s a few sketches and notes of the ideas that I have for the current project. I like all of the ideas and think that each one has potential to serve as a great piece of animation, although I think, as well as others, that the Heist idea is probably the better one out of all of them. I believe it has a lot potential for quite a few gags to be involved to make this a very humorous film.

I think with this idea I will start it midway through the Heist and the two of them are in the room of the objective, but as they enter they realise the obstacle that is between them and the objective, and that they have to work together to overcome the obstacle and get the objective.

Occurrence of Two Heads – Evaluation


After finishing this project I can confidently say that I have created a 500 word script with compelling argument between a character with 2 heads about whether or not animation is a genre.

I would say the strongest element to this piece would be my 2 headed character. Most of my peers and tutors have complemented me on the characters back story and relationship, and I think it works well with in the script, giving it a humorous touch.

I would say the most challenging task when doing this assignment was writing up the script. It was quite a challenge trying to make the script entertaining to read as well as factual when making points towards my argument, plus it was quite difficult to stick to the topic that I chose without going off onto another, to further back up my points.

Overall I’m pleased with the end result. If I were to do this project again, with more time than just a week, I would like to have gone deeper into the subject about animation as a whole, bringing up various subjects that animation has been either called or criticised, plus maybe add shading towards the drawing so it doesn’t look flat.


Sebastian and Prof. Vestergaard are queuing at cinema to watch the recently released animation ‘Bolama’. After losing his body to a recent fight with his enemies, what’s left of his remains is now attached to his butler/subordinate Sebastian, who taking the opportunity of his new position to do something he wants. The professor is not happy.


Professor Vestergaard (P): “HOW DARE YOU DEFY ME!!! I should be back in my laboratory, plotting my revenge, not watching some cliché family film for kids”

Sebastian (S): “I’ve been your subordinate for decades and not once have I had the chance that I wanted to do, and now that you’ve been reduced to nothing more than a head I can finally do the things that I’ve always wanted to do. Besides not all animated films are for children, this one is supposed to have a very good narrative”

P: “I don’t care, I bet it’s just another one of those musical cartoons with a strong female protagonist, which little annoying brats will go crazy for the merchandise, just like the rest in that pitiful genre”

S: “Genre?”

P: “Yes the animation genre”

S: “How dare you. Animation is not a genre.”

P: “Oh yeah? Tell that to Wikipedia, according to them, genre is any category of literature, music or other forms of art or entertainment, and what is animation?… A form of art. BOOM stick that in your pipe and smoke it”

S: “That’s a good point, but I can present a counter argument”

P: “No you can’t”

S: “Yes I can because according to Merriam-Webster Medium is a Material or mean of artistic expression, and what is animation but a way for artist to express their views on different subjects. Even Brad Bird the person behind The Incredibles stated that animation is not a genre and that it’s an art form that can do any genre.”

P: “But that’s one man’s opinion and besides you’re talking how animation is expressed, not what it is.”

S: “But he’s right, how can you deny it. Animation is able to do any form of genre whether it be a family film like Tangled or Frozen or a crude comedy like Sausage Party or Rick and Morty or anything by Don Hertzfeldt. And yes even though I’m talking about how about animators express through animation, it’s still a form of animation. Which brings me to my point, Animation is not a genre, it’s a form of medium which can be used to make anything.”

P: “Whatever, you know if I still had my body I would turn your organs inside out”

S: “Well unfortunately for you, you’re stuck like this because without me you’d be nothing paper weight”

P: “You take that back”

S: “Never, and besides I hope you’re ready because after this film, we have a whole list of things I want to do… NEXT STOP DISNEYLAND!



End Scene



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